Monday, May 30, 2011

BossyPants by Tina Fey

Bossypants by Tina Fey
(Fyi- this cover scares me).

Lookie! Another book review! =D Maybe I will be able to do this at least once a week. This is so exciting.

Let me write it in a way befitting of the book. Where to begin? I debated whether or not to buy this book for like…a second and then used it to stop my table from wobbling.

The writing is simple and snarky. A lot of names were dropped whom I had absolutely no idea why. Ms. Fey reveals parts of her self and experiences you would hope never to have to see or hear again. I have no idea what made me want to burn the hard earned, sweat gained money to – ahh-ha! I’m just kidding. Seriously, I’m joking.

I was in a mopey mood when I figured this would cheer me up and it did. This is a pretty interesting book. Tina Fey recounts different aspects of her life, her experiences, what other people taught her, and her own recommendations/suggestions/demands for people to live their lives. In all honesty, I learned absolutely nothing spectacular and I guess that was the point. This book was just mindless fun of everyday life no matter how extraordinary it may seem to other people. People should not take the book too seriously for the most part and just sit back and enjoy.

From reading this book, you take away the simple fact Tina Fey is human – her personality, her arrogance, her insecurities. Everything was written (although funnily sharp) sincerely in a twisted and crazy way. She talks about her experiences getting started, or learning to work – her ideas and opinions (and boy where there many) and especially the glimpses of her life.

Ms. Fey pokes fun at many many people as well as point out how many of these people work wonderfully often using herself as the antagonist. She does not paint herself as having won hard found battles, she gives credit to all those around her, but more than anything, you can feel the almost truthiness (hehehe) of what she wants to say. The book literally read as if Tina Fey was right in front of me emailing/talking in such a frank and honest way you cannot help but laugh. Did I mention several of the chapters are just one single page? And there is one that is basically two lines.

Ever since this book, I can tell you for sure that I love Amy Poehler all the more. What? You didn’t see that coming? Yeah, neither did I. Hahaha. That’s how randomly interesting this book is. The nuggets of completely unrelated topics that somehow mix together so well all you need to do is bake the result and have very yummy chocolate chip cookies.

I don’t know if there was any true point. Only that as I read this, I felt that Tina makes no apologies for who she is, what she does or the choices she’s made in her life. As I’m reading this really funny book (I was snorting out laughter quite often – usually at work), it did make me think about what people read other people’s autobiographies or biographies.

For years and years, books (fiction) have been the only window to anything and any world other than the bubble-to-the-7th-power in which I dwelled. Books were the friends that never abandoned me in my darkest hour. But biographies? No idea.

Now, I ask myself: What’s the point? Are we all trying to look for someone at a role model? To live through in a creepy projection/stalkerish way? Do we want to learn something without having to experience it ourselves? To connect? Or even to judge?
I’m still not sure, but at least it finally got my brain thinking again and that is definitely something good.

What I learned from Bossypants:
Conclusion: Don’t apologize for who you are and take responsibility for what you do; the choices you make. - I’d like to try that more. :)
This is an entertaining book for everyone. There are some tiny nuggets of good information. There are some random craziness. It may or may not change your life, but it will certainly make you laugh until your stomach hurt. Enjoy!

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