Sunday, May 15, 2011

Parks and Recreation: The Trip

Omg, omg. I love this show!

In all honesty, if this is what government life is like, I wouldn't mind it so much. :)

This episode rocks, as do all their episodes, but oh my goodness...

In this episode, Chris sends Leslie and Ben on a trip to help out a government project. Now, Leslie and Ben have been dancing around their mutual attraction, but because of government rules that bosses can't date employees, the two have been resisting. This trip thought, might just push all their attempts out the window. I love how Ann tries to help Leslie resist even though she really is secretly wanting to see the two be together.

Spoiler Alert (please highlight):
I can't believe it! Ben and Leslie finally kiss! OMG, their tension has been sooooooooooooo well written. Both actors are awesome I have been dying to see them get together even though it's not allowed (darn you regulations!!!). I love it!

On two secondary hilarious storyline: Ron tries to discourage a 4th grade girl about government work (to be a libertarian like him, lol). And Tom creates a game show (basically an already existing one and just renaming it) inviting , ie. forcing, his co-workers to participate which causes problems between the newly married Andy and April.

I really love the dyanmic of this show and how even though each character is so weird and crazy, they have such affection for each other. I really love this show and am going to have to resist buying the dvds right now as to wait for this season.

Thanks for reading my love rant. ;)


  1. I don't watch any TV shows... like none. I'm practically oblivious to what's even on. So much so that people say stuff about certain shows and I give them that deer in the headlights stare because I really have NO IDEA what or whom they're talking about. lol BUT one of my workout buddies LOVES this show and keeps telling me how much she loves it. I admit I'm curious now. ;)

  2. Lol, I don't like TV much, but these days, it's just so easy to sit and veg.

    For this series, I have to say that the first season (6 eps) was ok, but second season? It got really good. Just hilarious, imo, and so random. :) If you have time, I would highly recommend watching it.