Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So this is the year of the golden rabbit. It’s supposed to be a good year, right? Rabbits are tame, quiet creatures. Golden is all the better, right? Would’ve been great if I was already shacked up and pop out a rabbit baby (in my childish opinion), but do you know what happened instead…a wild urban rabbit has decided to invade the yard. I know I wanted a rabbit, but this is a little extreme even for me.

I’m all up for interspecies adoption, but this little rabbit decided to come into my parents yard, take semi-residence (which means I can’t even get any benefits like cuddling and petting it) and the spoiled rabbit decided to chomp on my attempts at growing a garden. My cute small little flower and veggie garden got EaTeN!!!

My first sunflower of the year grew to roughly 5 inches and while I was getting ready to take a picture and be all proud… I came home to a tiny little stub. It was traumatic to say the least. The little potted plants I had so lovingly watered, moved around day and night to avoid the dratted slugs, and rushed out in the middle of the night during the only time it hailed to rescue my plants…was eaten by a rabbit I don’t own. What am I supposed to do? Deprive the rabbit of much needed food? But seriously, why must this rabbit eat my plants. There are so many other shrubs, flowers and whatnot. Instead…my stevia leaves, all gone. My onions and spinach…eaten. And my sunflower!!! Oh my beautiful little sunflower sprout, it was the first one to survive the weird weather we’re having. It grew so strong and bright that it gave me so much hope and happiness everyday after a life sucking day at work. Now, it is nothing more than a puny non-existent nub of a flower stump.

*sigh* It did not help that some crazy animals had been fishing in our half broken pound where one lonely koi resides. Of course, I talked the guy into taking me to buy another fish, so now two tiny fishes are swimming around in fear daily. O_o Trying to think of ways to protect them, but aside from moving them into the house (which they are actually too big for such a tiny tank), I’ve been racking my brain on what to do. (Update: Parents were finally able to plug up the hole in the fence where the rabbit got through. Now it mostly snacks on the front yard flowers).

And in “honor” of the rabbit and fish issues… I present to you:

Bunnicula. Yes, you read right, Bunnicula. For those of you that have yet to read, or even heard of the book, well, you’re missing out on some childhood imagination. :)
Told from the view of a dog, Harold, and cat, Chester, the family they love found and adopted a little rabbit that has red eyes, surprisingly sharp teeth, and a weird design of a letter V on his head. They named the rabbit, Bunnicula. He sleeps all day and wakes up only at night. And in the next morning, the vegetables left for him are all sucked dry of their juices.

This is surprisingly good book for children. With all the vampire craze these days, I always wondered why no one came out with a storyline like this. Not that I don’t enjoy the angsty vampire lurv, but too many makes me too apathetic. Besides, I often wondered 1) what happens if a vampire bites an animal 2) what if animals can become vampires and 3) if vampire myths are based on animals (such as werewolves based on feral wolves, mermaids based on sea lions) what happens when a true vampire is an animal. Also, why must all vampire stories suck blood? It’s really not that nutritious. My rambling thoughts aside, onto my rambling thoughts on the book:

This is one of the first stories I’ve read told from an animal’s perspective and I really enjoyed that. It has quite a bit of suspense for such a simple and short story, but it is definitely worth reading.
(quick fyi-the pics are not the said rabbit and sunflower, the sunflower is already a stub and I can't find the pic for the rabbit).



    We have "wild urban" rabbits frequent our yard all year long, too. I know they are around in the winter, too, because I saw countless rabbit poop pellets in the snow--mostly around my compost pile, which was very helpful of them. LOL! Actually it means they were probably snacking on my fruit and veggie scraps, which is all good. Now... snacking on my flower and vegetable seedlings? NOt so good.

    We also have deer who treat my yard like an all you can eat salad bar. I mean, really... they walk right up to the planters and eat all the lovely flower heads off. So spoiled. I wish they demonstrated some moderation and LEFT SOME FOR ME!

    I bet it is a raccoon trying to fish for your koi. I would suggest putting some netting or a fine steel mesh over the pond to keep the animals from dipping their claws into your pond, but I know it's not pretty to look at. Hopefully plugging up the hole in your fence will help, although the raccoons can easily climb over that. The rabbits go under.

    Good luck! ^_^

  2. We've officially been able to keep the rabbits out of the yard. My plants are finally growing, somewhat...since it's now spring and birds are everywhere. Time to move seeds indoors!!!

    Also, that darn bird ate my fishes! It was bird since we saw a giant blob of birdpoop right next to the ponds. No more fishes. I understand the bird was just trying to survive, but I'm still sad. All my pets are officially gone. *sigh*

    Thanks for being here for me, Chrissy! I'm so lucky to have you as my friend. :)

  3. Aww you're welcome, sweetie.

    Sorry about the fish. :(