Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Week Between

Ok, I really really meant to have posted a few ongoings and reviews since my last one, but life is going a little insane.

Minor rant: I’m getting a very weird vibe at work and think that either a change of career should be considered, or at least look for another environment on the horizon. Not too sure.

New Experiences: For the first time since I was able to vote and started driving, I was called to show up for jury duty (not the much beloved calling-in jury duty, but actually going in to be called into jury box duty). Sat outside almost the entire time and didn’t bring enough books. Note for next time: bring laptop as they now provide wi-fi. Movies during lunch and occasional gifts for jury appreciation day was nice though. I got a button, notepad, sticker and pencil. :)

As for the homefront: I really need to move out soon. As loving as my parents are, it has become unbearable. Screw traditions and overly burdensome familial responsibilities. “I want to live!” – Stewie Griffin. Problem? Everything is so darn expensive...and I want to find another job. *sigh*

So, quick recap:
Parks and Recreation: I cannot believe they were able to get Parker Posey to guest star. I love her! With Amy Poehler? O.M.G. It was a hilarious episode over a fence the wealthier city Eagleton build on a playground to divide their part of Pawnee. I really wish Pawnee and Eagleton existed. I really want to live in a world where Leslie, Ron, Ben, Anne and all the rest of them exist. I hope we’ll be able to see more of Parker Posey in the future.
A secondary story, Ron’s birthday! I love how he got all insane thinking about what Leslie was going to do for his birthday. And the result? It was just too good.
Reminder to self: buy.all.dvds.

Modern Family: Mother’s Day. This episode is one of the special occasion episodes the series produce every season and it was really cute. I love how this show actually comedically portrays some often-not-discussed issues. How tough it is to be parents (and kids of crazy parents), how different cultures and ideas find middle ground, and even how every relationship is hard work. My favorite part: Jay remembering his mother. It brought me close to tears, but also made me want to laugh in happiness.
I hope everyone had a good Mother’s day. I didn’t do much this time. The guy and I bought his mom a pot of lavender flowers. We got my mom both smaller pots of aloe vera. Lol, yes, you can see my influences…I like pretty flowers/plants that are beneficial.

In the meantime, there are several books on my radar, but the darn bookstore does not carry. Darn you bookstores!


  1. I totally understand days and days going by between the time you intend to post on your blog and the time you actually do. Happens to me ALL the time.

    Moving out on your own is terribly expensive. Can you figure out how much you'd have to save to have a cushion for a few months rent, electricity, phone and furniture. Then maybe give yourself a time frame and deadline to accumulate the funds? That's what I did eons ago when I moved out of my parents house. What about considering a roommate?

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I shall try harder... :)

    Btw, I checked your old post on Jam...*drools* Looks so yummy...

    Yes, it's very expensive especially around my work area. I've thought about a roommate, but then I've never been on my own so it's very conflicting. I originally saved enough to move out by now, but and family.