Monday, May 23, 2011

A Witch’s Beauty by Joey Hill

A Witch's Beauty by Joey Hill
Book 2 of the angel/mermaid series.

Ok, this review has been a long time coming since. Long, long time. I had highly anticipated its release back in the day, running to several different bookstores several times before finally finding a copy (probably a prelude to the slow fall of a bookstore chain). So, finally getting back in the swing of romance novel reviews…

A Witch’s Beauty continues off some time after the first book of the mermaid fairytale. This story is about the witch, Mina – half mermaid, half dark-one. The hero is David, a very young “made” angel. As with most books, there is a quest, a lot of smex and revelations. I personally enjoyed this book and saw it as a twist on beauty and the beast.

Both characters are really tortured souls because of their horrid childhood, if it can even be called that. But despite the torturedness (is this a word? I don’t think this is a word, I should stop making up words…or maybe I should do more?) and whatnot, both characters have this very strong sense of humor; that they are still able to find some joy in life no matter how morbid. David was more outwardly humorous, but Mina recognized the deep-seated “something” darkness in him. Whereas everything about Mina screamed horror and angst, but David was able to see how she often does stuff that makes her laugh on the inside.

Everything in the book about these two characters comes down to the word balance. Mina must balance her evil and her good – once cannot overshadow the other or else she totally loses it (to the point where it causes her physical pain). David not only pushes her to the brink, but also helps her maintain it. David is very funny at times, but when he’s tortured, boy was he… Mina, despite being so stoic, scary and “macabre,” she has this wonderful sense of dark humor that I found really hilarious.

The book literally starts off with the Angels deciding what to do with Mina. She does not want their protection and a few Angels got killed trying to “guard” her by a few stray Dark Ones trying to get their claws on Mina. So, the angels deliberate if they should continue to watch over someone they don’t like, or if they should just off her and make life easier. David, of course, does not want anyone to hurt Mina and bursts into the conversation and “offers” to protect her. And things go from there…
I was not too interested in their adventure/quest and mostly focused on the Mina/David relationship. The glimpse into the dark world was rather interesting and surprise, surprise (minor sarcasm), they introduced Dante for the next book. The writing was overall pretty simplistic and was nice, but nothing to gush about. I found the world believable up to an extent with some loopholes and some predictability. The twists and crazy stuff are not for everyone (not that a good reader cannot guess already). Essentially, what I liked most about this book was the combination of Mina and David. Their relationship is one of the best (in my puny opinion) and I love how they fit so well together.

I really enjoyed how Joey Hill created this world; the good and the bad. There were quite a lot of smexy scenes that was hot. Some crazy stuff. And some gross stuff. I liked this book better than the first one and found it more humorous (don’t know if that was intentional). It would be interesting if the author attempted at some romantic comedies, but alas I have found many really funny writers tend to write dark, brooding stuff.

One very tiny small little minor issue: If I read the word “macabre” any more times in my life, I’d go crazy. I get that half her body is completely ruined (totally ok with the one boob, scared face, and a few fingers short). But did it have to be the very same word over and over and over again? Even now, when I see that word…or have to write it, I make one of those silly pained smiles that just turn into the confused grimace of a child tasting the sourest of lemons.

Some parts, I felt were unnecessary and could’ve been cut to leave more room for cool scenes, or smexiness… like oranges and chocolate chip cookies…

Conclusion: Not for everyone, but I like it for a change of pace.


  1. Look at you writing a review! :D

    Sexy cover, for sure. "There were quite a lot of smexy scenes that was hot. Some crazy stuff. And some gross stuff. " LOLOL!

  2. Lol, thanks Chrissy! :D

    I actually started writing a month ago and once it finished, I thought "what the heck" and posted. ;)