Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation. Needed.

So bone weary tired. Work taking my last bit of soul. Ugh...

I think this week may be slightly slower. Yesterday's post was a bit more extensive than even I expected. Currently working on several big posts as well.

It's gonna be fun. :D

Well, would have been more fun if I didn't have to earn a living, but alas, I cannot photosynthesize. Oh Dr. Bushroot, you definitely had the right idea.

Also...I am going to avoid the blogs (*scoffs at the three second resistance I will probably have*) since yOu ArE AlL gOiNg to RWA 2011!!!! In New York! GAAHHH~~~~ I miss all of you soooooooooooooooooooooo much its not even a joke. Oh I miss you friends o mine. So wish I could have gone. Especially now with quite a few of you published and one honorary Super Librarian of the Year. ;) Have a wonderful fun filled crazy time. :D I expect pics, dishes, and tons of book reviews.

Just wait for it, I'll be seeing all of you next year. Mwahahahahahaha *chokes on laughter* *coughs* *sputters* *dies*


  1. Honorary Super Librarian is making herself crazy. Which is sadly, a very short trip.....

  2. Wendy - I hope you're feeling better. No need to make yourself too crazy. You're super Librarian of the Year! I can totally brag to my friends now. :D

    Julie - RWA = Romance Writers of America. It's the annual convention. So many authors show up. Good food, great friends...tons of books. I never wanted to leave!

  3. No, this year's trendy products is feather hair extensions.