Saturday, July 2, 2011

in the gardens...

Sold myself to the corporation and continued to slave away this past week. I am exhausted.
I got lazy and haven't posted, but I at least had the time to live vicariously through all you lovely ladies at RWA. It sounded wonderful. :) Thanks for letting me view all the wonderful pictures, experiences and masses of books that I would love to roll around them. Lol. Kidding, sorta.

So, in place of anything substantial... here’s a mini update on my somewhat surviving garden.

Lookie – my first Calendula flower bloomed. :D So tempted to pluck the thing and eat it…or rub it all over my face. It’s good skincare stuff. Lol. Alas, I resisted. It was too beautiful in bloom.
My sunflowers are growing tall (in the background) and I really need to fix up my comfrey plants. Can’t wait until they bloom too. :) Enjoy~~~

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