Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch (story) and Michael Martchenko (art)

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch (story) and Michael Martchenko (art)

It was the fairytale/folklore binge...this obsession with childhood storybooks came back to whisper in my ear how delightful it would be to revisit my long lost heartfelt friends.

The Paper Bag Princess was one of those friends that made such a huge impression on me as a child, but slowly faded to obscurity as I caved into the mounting social pressures to fit in. Maybe I’m one of those twisted fools those literary snobs–I mean– literary geniuses that make a sport of comparing romance novel’s as trash and us readers as nitwits. Let me just proudly say, I like to learn from the books I read, to believe in the morals and lessons within stories and think outside the invisible box…

If I could be like Princess Elizabeth from The Paper Bag Princess, I totally would. The dragon came and burned everything up. Prince Roland was kidnapped and the castle destroyed, Elizabeth dons a paper bag as a dress and goes off to rescue the Prince. She outsmarts the dragon and saves the day. BUT, the Prince complained that his rescuer was not dressed like a Princess! So the Princess told him what an ugly person he really was and went off on her way. How awesome was this book? Very. Lol.

How was this not turning the usual fairytale on its head? A strong smart young woman – we should all be so lucky to have such a role model. This was the type of stories I looked for as a child. A short storybook for the children, but it was such a good reminder. :)

Conclusion: A definite read and keep for ever!

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