Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shock! Childhood attack!

The Secret Circle is being made into a TV series? Say what?!!! O_o X_x *gasp* *dies*

Confession time, I was once a long time addict of young adult novels. Whether it be Paul Zindel (coming of age), Scott O’Dell (strong young women, history of California, coming of age), Christopher Pike (awesome mythologies), or R.L. Stine (twisted horrors), I downed them like a chocolate addict in an all you can eat chocolatier shop. One of the few female authors I adored at the time with L.J. Smith (Lisa Jane Smith, now using the pen name LJ. Smith). With the resurgence of vampire lurv thanks to a certain series, apparent re-interest in old series of friends were now everywhere. For years, the only way to get an old book of L.J. Smith was to pay 5x the value online (I have several copies). You had to wonder what took the publishers so long.

The Vampire Diaries TV series disappointed me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, despite having one of my favorite actors play one of my favorite characters (*Damien foreveh, suck that Stephen mutheh**** coughs* ahem). The books themselves were also not my favorite considering, but were still pretty dark for those days. They had their own merits.

The Nightworld Series has yet to end after almost 15 years of waiting. Even though The Chosen from the series was still an all time favorite, but Strange Fate you foolish book, screw you! I’m not waiting anymore!

Dark Visions kicked darkness @$$, but it’s got nothing on The Forbidden Game. Nightmares... Then came The Secret Circle. Oh my loves, this was a good witch book.

Can you imagine how much I screamed (and in the process took the soul of my guy and ate 10 years off his life? Thank you, dear old man for sticking with me for so long…even during my screaming modes) when I saw the commercial for the new TV Series? Granted, I’m excited. This would be like Charmed and Buffy had a baby that was one of my longest companion during a rough and turbulent time in all angsty adolescents’ life. It was a good book. First thing I did, called my little cousin whom also loved these books as much as I did (who’d you think introduced her? Hehehehehe).

Now I am filled with nervous anticipation. I already know I’ll be watching it just to see. Decades in the making. Now I just need to wait for Christopher Pike’s to come out. I believe he was one of the few where there were some real sexual innuendos and such. Good stuff. Can’t believe I read them. Hahahaha

What a flashback...memories and dreams long past. Any childhood books that got turned into TV/movie for you?

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