Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Bang Theory

I went on a Big Bang Theory binge. A final book I had been waiting for finally came out and you know what that means…credit card time! As I was amassing my usual story binge of the year, I went ahead and picked up a few tv series. I was going to get Parks and Recreation, but at those prices, I figured I would bide my time some more. I do that a lot. Impatiently wait for something. While biding my time, I stumbled on some cheap Big Bang Theory. How was I supposed to resist? It was like instant nerdgasm. I bought myself season 1-3 and holy smokes batman, I enjoyed it.
The series has really evolved (whether I liked it or not) and has always been sure to suck some chuckles outta me if not straight-out gasmic-laughter that irritates everyone around me. No really. I laughed so hard I was my tummy felt punched while my labored wheezing only squeezed out this high pitched gasping laughter. Ah, fun. *rubs sore belly*
Season 1
This was a great season. Penny, the more “normal” girl moved into an apartment across from Leonard and Sheldon, both highly intelligent physicists nerds/geeks. Leonard’s friend, Raj and Howard were also frequent guests of the apartment and both were brilliantly nerdy in their own right. Penny was our eyes into their world, so to speak.
Luckly for me, I had some understanding of the geeky world of superheroes, scifi and such. The nerd part was beyond me. Heck, I couldn’t even get basic physics in school much less the extensive backgrounds and information the four friends dealt with. I was very surprised that I was able to keep up with some of the information though. The best part was to hear the characters rant off long extensive sentences without nearly taking a breath. It was great! I love shows like these. I learn tidbits of information concerning the world and still get to laugh at the crazy interactions.
Season one was like the introduction into this world because season 2 was even better.
Season 2
By this season, we’ve already familiarized ourselves with our cast of crazy characters and the writers/producers/actors were able to develop more of each relationship. It was good to see the insanity grow and as each character started to come into themselves. Penny became a part of the group and slowly, we see how she’s not quite normal either.
Each characters quirks become more apparent, even Sheldon. Their relationships with each other further develop and one of the best ones was to see how Sheldon and Penny started to interact. I’ve heard some want them to hook up, but I see them more as a great example of siblings. The show revealed more about their families and it was hilarious.
The physics stuff flew over my head 90% of the time, but I was surprised to still understand a few tidbits of information. Not as much as last season though. The geeky stuff though, with the superhero references and extensive science fiction shows…I got more and more and loved every second of it.
Season 3
Finally! It has taken forever, but Leonard and Penny finally get together~~~ and it was great! Until they ruined it by splitting them up again. Why? I liked seeing them as a couple and I especially loved how they all became a family. Penny and Leonard were the parents. Sheldon the spoiled child. Howard and Raj the uncle/uncle. Lol. I really enjoyed the expansions on all the characters, especially the lives of Howard and Raj. We got to see a more tender side of Howard and the meaner side of Raj.

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