Monday, August 15, 2011

Change? Change! Changes...

How's everyone doing? Can you believe summer is almost over? I definitely can't since I didn't really have a summer. -_-

Even so, things are still changing. First off, the gardens...

My sunflowers were plopped into the ground abated a little later than I should have. Their growth were stunted. Lol, but they are starting to bloom beautifully. Today, I even saw a little bug (bee?) going crazy in there loving the pollen and just having a blast. I was very happy seeing her enjoying the morning sun and flower.

Now I know better. Don't plant in the ground when seeds or else rabbits will consume. Move them not too early or else they'll have trouble growing, but move them too late will result in stunted growth. I'm sure next year will be much more fun.

Another change...I'm once again seeking better career options. Although I should focus more on my writing, I still cannot help but want to survive in world of commerce if only for the good food. So, here's to wishing me luck. :D

Oh and I went the sense I'm writing two stories at once. Really not a good idea, but my romance WIP is terrible. I really mean it. Apparently, despite my love for the genre, I'm terrible at writing it. I don't know why... I write once heck of a great essay, but romance novel? Not working. Fantasy and YA seems ok (not great, but not as terrible). Oh how actually sitting down and writing reveals so much. What I really want to do is to finish a novel...without cringing throughout... As a personal challenge though, I must finish a book. Beginning to end. No excuses. Horrible as it may be, I must prove to myself I can do it. So do it I must! Go me!

In the meantime, I'm still hoping to post up some reviews. I have a lot of books on my consideration list, but nothing of great interest. With the collapse of one beloved's been a little hard to get my butt into any stores without utterly whining, whimpering and moping. *sigh* Books... How I love thee.

At least I haven't lost all print books yet. So, goodbye summer...hello autumn. I hope everyone is having at least much more fun than I am. Or at least a lot less moping. ;)

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