Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Surprise

Ok, so I made a decision to my insane conflict and it will hopefully all go through. It reassured me that I made the right decision by listening to my gut in terms of people. Thank you gut! I shall give you more food. And thanks to all my friends that endured my craziness, insanity and near nervous breakdown through this time. :) Nanshi, Jules, Em, old guy, my family and a few more friends. *fingers crossed*

After a few more ups and downs, scares and fears...I woke up this morning feeling more refreshed and what do you know, found the happy surprise that Penguin publishing actually sold books on their website! Hello books, goodbye hard earned dollar currency. I have so many Eva Ibbotson in my cart it's insane. If only they'd have One Dog and His Boy. I really really want that book. It's ok, it will be mine someday as I catch up on the rest of this awesome author's books because I just read that it's coming out March 2012! Horray!!! *throws confetti and twirls around and around and around* It's coming!

FYI - I am starting to realize a pattern in the authors and books I am drawn to. Don't know what it says about my mentality, but it is rather different. Example of some of my favorite authors, writers: Diana Wynne Jones, Hayao Miyazaki and now Eva Ibbotson. Individuals that had to live through rather horrendous times, but rather than be pulled down by their experience somehow maintained this belief in people - I want to say, optimism, but that's not accurate. More like they were turned into depressive mopey people that wrote so much about doom and filled with self-pity, contempt or the arrogance that the world owes them. *cough*

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