Monday, September 12, 2011


Wow, after goodness knows how many years I’ve been in this tiny niche blogsphere, I’ve reached my 160th post. Took me a freaking long time. Lol. With so many different events going on, I kept wondering what I wanted this post to be about. My currently situation? Something personal? A comment on the recent social/cultural/political situation? Current blogsphere happenings? Or simply another book review (one close to my heart)?

After all these years, I am still having trouble pinning down my writing voice. Still having trouble expressing myself. Sometimes, I just want to make a big ruckus, but that’s not really me. So, here’s something simple and sweet.

Happy Moon Festival!

(Yes, I know I'm random) That's why you love reading this. ;)

I hope people celebrating were with their family members, eating yummy moon cakes, peeling giant grapefruits and eating those too. :) Nothing beats Asian holidays. Always filled with food, history and so much celebration. Mine was rather tame this year, but I loved it still. It was peaceful and I would not have asked for anything more.


  1. yay! Congrats on post #160!

    Don't worry about pinning down your writing voice. I think it will come out naturally if you just write about what you want, when you want to.

    Is it already time for Moon Festival? I want moon cakes now... *tummy rumbles*

  2. Yes, I'm trying that. The horribly weird thing is my writing voice changes dramatically with my mood. I can't seem to make myself consistent. Bleh.

    Moon Festival indeed! There were some newer interesting ones thing year, but nothing beats the original!

  3. The horribly weird thing is my writing voice changes dramatically with my mood.

    Why is that horribly weird. That sounds perfectly normal to me, especially if you're talking about your blogging voice. I think it may even be BETTER that way because your expressing yourself naturally. I don't know.. maybe that's just me, but I think I lot of people who read blogs like expressive blog voices. :)

    Don't over think the whole process--just write! If nothing else, I bet it will be cathartic for you.

  4. Lol - will do. :D I try to write it all out, but sometimes when I go back to read it a while later, I feel like someone else wrote it. Hahaha. Then it's like I have split personality. >_<