Thursday, October 6, 2011


What the heck? How is it October? What happened?

Recent run-down:
Family craziness (as usual).
Work craziness (as usual).
Relationship craziness (also as usual).

And all in all, the world continues to turn. So what happened? I'm not sure so oh well. Made a few more changes in my life. The usual ups and downs. An annoying thing though...

I’ve hit a pretty bad reading slump. Booh!!!! Go away reading slump! Go away!

I haven’t read anything in a while and all my reviews were only partially finished. With the official end of Borders, I’ve been avoiding bookstores. I do miss that bookstore with the many coupons, discounts and perks. Say what you will about the rise of technology taking, just as there are people that still go to farmers market, grow their own mini gardens, or even cook their own food *gasp* ^_~, physical books and building filled with books shall remain.

Still, no matter the amount of books or where they are doesn't help that I'm in this slump. Haven't even written in a long time. *sigh*

As such, here’s a little update on my garden to liven things up. Lol.

These were supposed to be four single giant sunflowers.

Don’t ask how I stunted them, but they’re all only half their height.

And two mutated into multi-headed sunflowers. I’m not complaining, I’m gloating at the unexpected joy. :)

See? A few heads are already seeding. Then I’m throwing a mini sunflower seed party! :D


  1. They may be short, but they are very pretty!

  2. Sometimes the seeds get mixed up and you get the wrong kind in the packet. It's happened to me before. Needless to say, your sunflowers are so sweet and cheerful !

    I haven't had a reading slump in awhile--thank goodness and KNOCK ON WOOD!

    What about hitting the library for some books? Do you like fantasy? If yes, give Elfland by Freda Warrington a try. I was surprised by how much I loved that book. It is heavy on the family saga end and lighter on the fantasy, but the fantasy elements are key to the story's core.

  3. Maybe your reading slump ran away with my reading slump? If they're on a Caribbean beach together, they could at least have had the decency to bring us along with them :)

  4. Lori - They were yummy too. XD

    Chrissy - That's what I was thinking too, they accidentally mixed them up. Oh well, it makes the garden much more cheery. :D

    *scribbles down Elfland* Will do! :D

    Wendy - Right! Why didn't they bring us! Instead of this mopiness of doom, we could've been sipping some fruity drinks with awesome books in hand. Yet, here we are. Slumped. Boo! -_-; Will make do with chocolate drink and movies?