Friday, October 28, 2011

Revenge: Intrigue

Episode 6

Ok, the show is still good but I'm starting to get bored (i.e. fast forward), so it'll be a quickie review.

This episode dealt with the repercussion from last week. One great thing about this episode was allowing the story to be more fluid. So far, Emily Thorne had been able to control almost every situation. With Frank Stevens (Max Martini), the Grayson's head of security, he became more of a wildcard which was great for the storyline.

I found the love triangle to be a bit of a tragedy since Jack and Daniel probably would have became great friends if it wasn't for everyone else nudging him this way and that. Most definitely, the Declan/Charlotte and Tyler storylines officially bore me. I do end up liking Nolan more and more.

And as always, the actress that play Victoria... awesome. I am officially in love with this woman. Madeleine Stowe was absolutely awesome. I admit, I'm only watching for her sake now. Lol.

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  1. I saw the previews for this show on tv recently. It looked fast paced and exciting, but also... kind of an overall negative message?

    Have you been watching Once Upon A Time? I missed the first epi, but watched it on the ABC app just seconds before I watched the second epi while it was being aired. I LOVE the fairy tale premise and all... but I found it a little ... Idk... cheesy? Maybe just poorly acted? Or maybe I'm just so removed from tv shows that anything would look silly? I thought I'd give it some more time, but forgot last night! See!? This is why I don't follow a particular show. LOL.