Monday, December 17, 2012

Consent is Sexy - meme

I was lurking, as usual, and saw something that I just wanted to share ~~~

A meme started by Beth Bernobich, the idea the consent prior to intimate activity can be sexy cuz Consent is Sexy.

Martha Wells follows up with the Consent Meme.

NK Jemisin continues the meme in her post

J. Kathleen Cheney's post is here and Lane Robins is here.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


~I'm engaged~

Before anyone asks, there really wasn't a proposal involved.  It was more of a stated fact, plus we talked about it earlier prior to looking for a ring.  Booo, no romance.

By the way, I am very happy with this ring. It's a ruby. Hehehe. 

Soon, Old Guy says we can get doggies!!!! =D I am so very happy about that.  I have several dogs at the shelter in mind.  I love dogs. Love them! Horray to animals that makes life complete.

Also, even though we're broke, he's still supportive enough to look through seed catalogs with me. And we'll be working on growing and making our own food.  That means my ambition of canning shall start soon afterwards.  So excited about these new things to offset the horrors and burdens of responsibilities and bills. Ah, adulthood.  

I still prefer good romance novels. Hahaha.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Guess what?

Look who's back?

My adorable nephew. =D This was him completely pooped out at the hotel. I gave him the blankie but he was too tired to move his body onto it, so I covered him with it.  The pillow though, no problem moving that head for a greater comfort. Lol.

So, I was not being a good little writer and writing away at Nanowrimo.  Granted, I wrote a little but mostly I was busy with this:

My sister's wedding!!!

I don't have any better pictures at the moment, but once we get some, I'll see about posting more.

All I can say is: why in whatever sane person's mind would they want to through a wedding?
Oh my freaking goshes, it was beautiful and fun and wonderful but the preparations beforehand? Oh effing goshes, is the only response I have.
I am so burnt out. So so burnt out.
How can a single event for a single day costs so much money? Have so many details? Why are there so much to do? What the hecka?!?!!!
It was so exhausting and I was just the maid of honor. They even had a wedding coordinator/planner and thank goodness for that wonderful woman and her team otherwise... I would not even want to imagine.

So, while all the well-wishers at the wedding began turning the eyes towards current response is a big no thank you.  Much to my parents fury. 

Cuz...wait for my next post

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Why yes, I am. :D

Using my new present.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Seriously? Seriously! Seriously.

All I wanted to do was clean up and shower and go to sleep.  *takes deep breaths*

What ever is out there really enjoys watching me suffer nothing good ever happens without an equal amount times 10 of misfortune.

Wish I was exaggerating.

I'm doing okay me and everyone is doing okay.  Just old houses breaking down and in tonight's case flooding everywhere.

Oh joy. *collapses*

Will have a funny story for you soon good nite.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yup indeed

So, after spending quite a lot of money, it came to conclude I lost the use of my hard drive.

Everything is gone. Ok, not exactly.

First off, yes, I do back up my stuff. I actually double back up my stuff. Lately, though, I've had a lot on my plate.

First, my computer had to be reformatted. There's stuff going on at work and home and since I'd been so careful before, I'd never had issues.

My second back up was up to date enough, I guess.I had stuff from the beginning of 2012, but everything afterwards is gone. The one the broke was my main backup, that's why.

So, no matter how careful I am, it matters not as those string-pullers of fate find ways to get a laugh at my expense. Good for them.

 Lost about a years worth of well organized photos. Lost my the new writings I started up again. Lost a lot of blog posts I had been drafting/sketching. Blah.

 Oh, and this new blogging format. I hate it.

In my moping, I went ahead and did some shopping therapy.

I was conflicted between buying seeds, food and skincare. I ate some ice cream, so it was down to seeds and skincare. Skincare won out. Hahaha.

Now my credit card hurts.

Also, why is going sudden hot and sudden cold lately? It's been so humid lately. Makes me just want to sleep all day and night. Why must I work? Hahaha. Naw, I don't mind working. Although, I should figure out what I want to do and have fun doing it.

Need a career change, but don't know what.

So, how is your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


(ominous cloud of doom)
Sad. That I am.
Well, I had a few book reviews prepared.
With personal information, research and pictures saved.
In an external hard drive.
That I stupidly dropped. On hardwood floor.
So, now - I am in a doom situation. Well, not really
But, I'm rather sad and annoyed.
Anyways, I've been running around trying to find a place to fix it with the response being that I'd be lucky to just extra all the data. Which should costs a few months worth of wages. Oh gosh. Someone just put me out of my misery.

Lots of personal stuff going on and work is being a complete biotch! Mostly, I'm working with some unpleasant people. One of which is widely known for being unpleasant. I mean, really? Do I have a sign on my face that says "Doormat" or "Easy to push around"?
Ugh, I'm so frustrated by everything.

Luckily, I have volunteer with doggies at the moment. The only thing saving me these days. People are not able to help. At least animals are able to. :)

So - Please accept my apologies for the lack of book reviews for a while. Any review will be littered with typos, spellings, and grammar errors. If any at all.
Possibly just a lot of venting.

Ugh, I'm just going to go mope. *curls up cocooned in quilt and stares out the window*

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long weekened

Guess what I did this past weekend?

Here's a hint.

Have you guessed it yet? Here's another hint.

Yes, you guessed correct. I labored over Labor Day weekend.


This weekend, we (old guy and I) painted two closets. It was only two closets, but it was freaking exhausting. The heat didn't help.

That's me near exhaustion. Can you tell? Also, that mask barely helped with the fumes. The heat really didn't help the situation. By the end, I just stopped using the mask. It was so hot/humid I had problems breathing, plus the mask got really uncomfortable as I worked up a sweat.

Until next time...probably soon. And I will hopefully have some reviews too~

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I had the craziest dream...I dreamt Once Upon a Time started and I was watching the show.

Instead of how the story progressed, in my dream, Emma was dreaming. In her dream, she saw Graham guiding her into a palace floor lined with individual curtain closed beds. Everywhere lined up like mazes. She was asking what happened and he was taking her and naming each unseen occupant behind the curtains as a fairytale character. And they reached sleeping beauty's (with some sparkly glitter floating from small openings where the top cover cloth and the edge of the side currents met. Graham was basically explaining these were the fairytale characters subconscious being suppressed by the curse.

And then I woke up and I thought it was such an awesome idea, I started writing it down on a notepad to blog about it... went downstairs while trying to think how to write and my fam had breakfast while I tried to scribble away...

Then I actually woke up! O_O I must really want to watch that show and I must miss writing a heck of a lot if I'm dreaming about writing. Hahahaha.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Ok, the long awaited post. Bugs. These little buggers really pissed me off.
There were so many I stopped trying to take pictures.

These little suckers aren't even native. They're the white cabbage moth larvas I was talking about that have been decimating my plants.

There are three tiny ones on that stick. First day I finally was able to see and start removing. The coloring is SO similar my eyes were getting strained just to find any of them.

This was my rosemary. At first, I didn't know what was going on and I kept trying to figure it out, until one day when I was flipping the leaves, I knocked one off!!!!

Then I realized there were TONS of larvas on there. TONS. The first time I finally figured it out and started picking the bugs off the plant (the first picture to show how tiny there were), I stopped seriously counting after 13 bugs. I continued for that day. At one point, I didn't even bother picking them off and just shook the pot. The bugs started dropping left and right.

After searching for bugs (disposing, removing, accidentally offing) for days afterward and always finding some each day, I had to sadly say goodbye to my rosemary. It was too late and too much damage had already been done.

My poor little rosemary that I grew from seed couldn't survive the onslaught of the little pests. I was very sad and I need to figure out what to do. There are way too many of these little suckers and they sometimes come out at night. My family all got a few good laughs at me running around trying to shoo away these flying moths to avoid letting it lay any eggs. Or watching me curled over a plant trying to pluck eggs and larvas out by hand. Very time consuming and exhausting in the heat these days.

Seriously, these horrid things eat everything. Even my comfrey plant which was full of sharp prickly spines. Even my bare hands get cut and stabbed, but these little insects gave no pause. Kept trying to eat them all...

Anyhoo, another set of imported pests are the below.

Freaking Japanese stink bug/beetles. They were everywhere on my poor radish!

And look at this pair! It's like a bug orgy!!! They continued to mate the whole time while I was cutting leaves and was scurrying around. Yelck! I removed them to a clear patch like I did with the larvas. If the birds get them, the birds get them.

Really makes me miss having chickens. They cleaned out the place and we didn't have any bug, slug, issues for years after! <~ok, minor exaggeration, but it did take a few years before snails came back.

A small example of eggs and issues with leafminers.

Why so many bugs? There are perfectly yummy plants around, but no, they pick mine.

Anyone got some natural ways of repelling these things? I want to avoid harsh pesticides, but I'm getting desperate. There are too many of them and only one of me.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

As garden!

Errr...more like flower buckets and pots, but anyways...

My borage grew really well after about three tries and the flowers are adorable! Been trying to harvest the seed, but it's super hard since they self seed and I need to get them when they're just about to fall.

I did my first harvest. These are Daikons, Japanese radishes. My old guy bought me the seeds. They grew great, but had some bug issues and tasted really really bitter. I was sad they didn't taste yummy, but my parents ate them anyways. And gave me some tips, lol, now I know better for next time. :)

My tomatoes are just about ready. :D My mother is already eyeing it. Lol.

About to relocate my strawberries. At least one of them. Hehe.

I totally forgot what this was since I planted it early on in the year. I want to say Amish Deer lettuce, but it doesn't look right. *sigh* Oh well, letting it flower. By the way, the plant is actually taller than me now.

And finally, my cream de cream, quinoa.

I only say that because I had a hard time dealing with bugs. The other plant I had was completely decimated by the stupid cabbage moths. I'll post more next time.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Look who's back!

Not me. I'm totally not back yet even though I'm trying my hardest. I'm talking about this one!

Oh oh, I see.

It's, it's!

My sister and her hubby's turtle!

Yeah, it got bigger but we're still not sure if it's male or female.

The family and I were very happy to have the little turtle come visit. The house becomes livelier. I think my family is too much of an animal family to not have any at home for so long. It's ok, we're all keeping busy with the yard.

Ergo, next time, pictures of my cute garden! Well, potted garden.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Despite the completely life depleting exhaustion full of errands, work and unavoidable schedule conflict, I was able to go to the Literacy Signing! It was AWESOME!

I went straight for LB's spot, but due to the very odd map, I went the wrong way and saw Tessa Dare! Gah!!! It was a complete fangirl moment. Love her.

Once I figured out the way it was mapped, I found LB and Rosie right away! I was so happy to see them and they were so sweet and wonderful. I hadn't realized just how much I missed all my blogger friends. Miss you all so much! After some minor catch up, Rosie and I found Kira's desk. It was another awesome moment and I got her last book. Ehehehehe.

Then it was Jade Lee and Nalini Sighn.

Once I finished gushing over a few authors, I saw the rest of the SoCal blogger (Tracy, Holly, Rene, and so many more!!)! Minus Super Librarian. I had to dash away because of the insane work schedule and whatnots, but I miss you Super Librarian!!

For sure next time there is a SoCalBlogger get together, I will do my very best to go. I miss everyone. Also, I only have that picture because I got overwhelmed with happiness.

Thank you to all my friends for always making me feel so cared for. :) Love ya!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


So...RWA is coming up and I finally moved my schedule enough that I'd be able to attend the literacy signing. All set and ready to go, right? Wrong.

Apparently, there's a company-wide-must-attend meeting starting the day of and continues until Friday. Oh horray. Now, I might not even have enough time to go. And I definitely won't be able to stay and hang out.

This year has been really sad year in terms of planning. Everything I planned did not happen. All the events I looked forward to were in conflict with everything else. I am not amused.

Thinking hard to figure out what to do...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Busy busy June

It has been a month and I have yet to sit my ever increasing mass down and typed out anything. Not only am I going through a horrible reading funk, I'm going through some major lack of brain functionality. Like, no creativity at all.

First, a few updated.

I did go to the Super Pet Adoption day. It was awesome as always. This time, a friend joined and she has now fallen under the spells of puppy love. Lol. Nothing like a tiny soft warm fuzzy puppy napping in you hands but with its head nestled between your bosom to flood a person with love. Sadly, Mr. old guy still objects to having dogs saying we cannot have a dog yet. Sure, he can't, but I totally can.

Instead, I started volunteering at the local shelter. It has been a lot of ups and downs, but I'm very lucky that this particular shelter is well funded enough that they rarely put down any animal and are able to go to their sister shelters around to take animals and help them out. Most of the time, I just walk very unruly dogs, but it's great. They sometimes pee on me and I have to pick up their poop all the time. It's really bitter sweet to see them go, but happiness tends to win out. The hardest is to leave them and worrying about their fate sometimes. And nothing makes a day better than being licked to death by puppies. Although sometimes they do nibble a little too much.

My sister came to visit and she brought her and her hubby's pet tortoise. It is still a little baby (a little over a year old) so it gets scared very easily. It took a while, but I was able to feed it a little lettuce. My parents also rather enjoyed the little thing. We were always a family full of animals and pets everywhere. This is one of the first years when we had none and I think all of us missed the feeling. Seriously, we used to have chickens, dogs, fishes, birds. At one time, goats too, but that was when I was really little and lived in another country. My parents had fun. I definitely did. Ah, the little joys in life.

The garden is looking semi-good. I tried to grow a few more things this season and decided on those mini sprouting greenhouses. A little on the pricy side, but surprisingly useful. Almost all the plants sprouted. The few that didn't probably had to do more with the seeds. I ran out of pots and really need some gardening room. And the bugs keep eating my plants, especially the sunflowers. Currently, only two survivors (donno for how long) out of goodness knows how many I tried to plant.

Ok - onto the complaining. So, if you're busy or bored, please tune out. It is totally ok since I really just want to freestyle complain in hopes of organizing my brain.

I've also developed a skill. This highly awesome ability to continually put my foot in my mouth under any circumstances.

It goes back to I have these thoughts in my head, but I can't seem to get them out right. Or I write/say something and it comes out sounding insulting when I really did not meant it that way. This makes me want to go back to the time when I never said anything and people thought I was some doormat. At least I wasn't hurting people unintentionally or sounding like completely zombie. Not sure how though since I can't seem to shut off my mouth! Ugh!

I am in a bad pit of something and I don't know what it is. Need to read something stimulating. Or watch something inspiring. With happy stuff. All of them. I donno. Thank goodness it's Friday. I can at least try to rest in, even though I know it is futile. And yes, I'm caving and will look into an ereader soon.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This new blogger thing is driving me insane. It's not posting when I publish it. It's not posting when I schedule it to be published. It won't let me type half the time. The entire thing keeps telling me it's not being supported by my computer or internet or browzer despite me using both explorer and firefox. WTH?

Monday, May 28, 2012

And it's almost end of May

How did this happen again?
I totally had been reading this time. I'm like forgetting things left and right.

Still, spring has been great (aside from the allergies). 
My writing has come to a stop, but considering that my reading has gone up.  Also, the crazy weather has kind of messed up my gardening schedule so I've been planting them all in pots inside.  It's super fun.  I can't wait to eat some of it. Hehehe.

See? A nice bloom. :)

And on this lovely sunny day, please have a nice, safe and wonderful Memorial Day celebration.


Sunday, May 6, 2012


Or maybe someone should just smack me.  I totally forgot about RWA this year. What the heck is wrong with me?!!! I wanted to go!!!! *sigh*

Stupid RL. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not here today, I'm over there...

I'm over at What Women Read today. Head on over for some randomness. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Guild Series by Nalini Singh

The Guild Series by Nalini Singh

(Disclaimer: I started this a while ago, so I totally admit to being a book and two novellas behind.)

This review was difficult for me to write since I am very conflicted about this series. Even when it was first announced Ms. Nalini was to have a new darker series with vampires and angels, my hesitation was apparent. Not one for angsty stories, knowing that it will contain darker elements as well as some gore-y stuff, it took a lot of self convincing before I finally picked up book 1.

I wanted to be hooked. I really really wanted to, I mean, come on, it’s by Ms. Nalini Singh - one of the best writers I have encountered…so I wanted to love this series, but truthfully, I’m just ok. Um, a little less than ok. Please take heed, there will be spoilers.

The good:
Ms. Nalini really has become one of my idolized writers. Anything place in her hands and mind resulted in literary gold. The characters were always very balanced and strong in their own ways, with realistic flaws and humanistic failings. The plots kept you on edge as you read page by page, telling yourself NOT to skip ahead for the chemistry/mystery/awesome interactions were not to be missed. Even minor characters made you drool at their completeness.

This series took a very different turn in regards to the history of vampires and angels. In a world ruled by the Cadre of Arch Angels that controlled the Angels and created Vampires, while born Hunters (humans with extra-ordinary skills) were the balancing group to protect humans. Vampires were once human who had to past all these tests to reach immortality. To become vampires, these humans had to pledge a certain number of decades/centuries to the Angels that made them. Angels also have their own skills and hierarchy, with only a few able to gain the power of Arch Angels. Politics, power, poison.

First off, I always liked reading about long term couples so, I was curious and interested in how this series would develop given the Psy/Changelings were awesome. Problem was I have yet to find a great pair. No, not even Eve and Roarke gets me going (although it had more to do with the storylines than the two character themselves). You can kill me later for such blasphemy, but having actual characters develop and stay true to their personalities = freaking impossible. As much as I enjoyed watching Ellie and Rafael together, watching them grow and develop, learn and work together, how they became closer with each book – it was still weird, in my opinion. I would have thought they would have more conflict given how both were stubborn and set in their ways, but it was like “bam” they were together. Oh noes, problems came up, but two sentences later, it was better with deep mutual understanding. Ok, I’m moving into the issues. Lol.

The issues:
Inconsistencies that were supposed to be subtle moments to reveal characters or whatnot became more than jarring at time. I can take characters that have a lot of internal conflict and contradictory actions, but some of the aspects in this series snapped me out of the story way too much. It was in almost each book. I did not feel any of the characters were consistent enough…especially Ellie, since she was our main perspective. One minute saying sheaths and swords were not about sex, then getting turned on by a knife really doesn’t make her character seemed too contradictory for my taste (book two) Also…you wake up after a year of coma and all was good? (book 1) Mind you, these events were like all happening lightning fast one minute while the main plot was moving agonizingly slow.

Too much angst between all the characters where I don’t even know why I bother loving any of them, they’re just going to be tortured to some horrendous degree or had some hidden dark past. I read in another review (I think it’s Nath’s) that it almost feels as if Ms. Nalini was trying to make this series extra dark…like too much intentionally. The focusing on the torture, the grisly description – it became too much. Not because it was too gory, but it was almost too intentional as suspenseful or scary. It just became annoying and I found myself wanting the story to move on already and start revealing the issue/nightmare/problems. The rehashing became annoying.

On-going mystery where things were revealed so slowly, papercut on one’s eyeballs would’ve been more fun at that pace. This slow revealed aspect would not be so bad if there was not so much repetition in each book. I think the books were written in a way where it could be easily picked up out of order and the reader can catch up. The problem with this was so much repeating of the same problems without any solution at all. While, at the same time of these end-of-the-world-doom-situations happening one after the other. Really? How much can one take with so much doom?

For example, the mystery of Ellie’s past…the constant “Drip. Drip. Drip.” Or the shadow swaying on the wall… Good the first time around, but completely unresolved by end of the first book. The second book had more revealed more to what happened to Ellie and her family as a child. The problem? That end shocker extra person reveal then so quickly wiped out was completely unnecessary. I literally re-read that section five times to see if what I read was correct, before I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and continued on. Third book… not that I did not enjoy the story behind Rafael’s life, but again, the end was still too abrupt and confusing. Also, as much as I liked strong characters, caution was thrown to the wind in the decision-making department of supposedly powerful and smart character’s head just to show how unafraid of death or how strong/good at their job these characters were. And no, I really don’t believe DOOM would be happening so quickly one after the other three books in a row.

Sequel baits of side characters – although this was more a testament of Ms. Nalini’s genius. All her characters were so interesting (even some of the minor antagonists) that I know many readers would clamor for their stories. Each character was so full of torture it was impossible to ignore. And as a very clear example, the mini summary for Dimitri’s book would be overflowing with angst and torture or whatnot. All the other characters – angst, torture, hopelessness all meshed together in this odd hierarchical world of ancient unexplained magic mixed with high technology and finding their happy significant other just bordered a little too much on unbelievable for this little reader. I almost don’t know if I read an UF or what. Even though Ms. Nalini wrote multi-plots/storylines exceedingly well, as I’ve mentioned in my last review, it was getting a little too much for me. My tiny brain shuts down after so much stimuli/information.

Conclusion: Honestly, I’m sure a lot of people have loved this dark turn of storyline since there seemed to be a lot dark angsty tortured romance paranormal stories out there, but these were never my cup of tea. I guess people whom love J.R. Ward, Christine Feehan, etc. She’s still great, but I don’t think I’m up for this type of stories. I will probably proceed as I had before, purchase when I’m up for it. Or I’ll borrow from the library. This is a Nalini Singh book so I will always support, but probably not a must-buy series.

Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm alive! My voice came back a while ago, but then I started having nosebleeding almost on a daily basis for about 2 weeks. If that wasn't enough to startle me out of my funk, I got the weirdest April fools for myself.

Adele - Um, I'm not a fan really, but I don't dislike her. Instead, I quite admire her voice and her as an artist. The thing is, I thought she was older than she really was. Then, one day (let's say April 1st), I randomly saw that she's in her early 20s. I was in shock, I mean, she looks so mature - It's kind of cool? ;)

Allergies - Anyhoo, allergy season has set in. I feel ill everytime I forget to take it and then I start panicking think I'm sick before I realized it was allergies. Ugh.

Fun stuff - I signed up to be trained to volunteer at the local animal shelter. I'm so excited! I do love animals and it feels good to start getting involved in community service again. It's strange. I used to do a lot of it during school, but once I started working and adulthood set in, I didn't do anything.

Also books - I should have at least one review up this month, but have finally upped my reading. It feels good to read. :D

How is everyone doing?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

*cough cough*

Sick again. It won't go away. Got better, then came right back. Now my voice is completely gone. O_O It's horrible! Ah!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Secret Circle (TV series) a bit of rant

The Secret Circle by L.J. Smith

Ok, I admit, I avoided trying to write this for some time, but I can't help it anymore. I read LJ Smith when I was a wee little girl when her books were coming out, so while not one of the original fanatical fans, let's just say I was there when it all first began. So stuff like the Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle were all child's play in terms of books and stories. The Night World Series, The Dark Visions, Forbidden Games... For a while, these books were listed so much more expensive than the 3.99 when then first came out. (Awww, do people still remember books were that economically accessible? Thank goodness for libraries. :D)

While all these books had their pitfalls, they were very important to me a child. Given English was my second language, you can safely assume that my grades were horrific growing up. Horrific. This was part of the reason I had problems expressing myself - even now still. BUT! This was also how reading saved me. After getting into reading again, my grades slowly improved and books became my best friends. Anyways, before I get all mushy...

When I found out The Vampire Diaries were being made into a series, I was ecstatic to say the least...then I watch it and wanted to invent something to erase my memories. Then I heard The Secret Circle was coming.

Ok, let me say this now...out of all the LJ Smith books I read, The Secret Circle was up there in the importance/influential level and I kept hoping and hoping it'll turn out well.

It barely made it halfway there. *sigh* Maybe it's the media nowadays or the way teenagers have been constantly portrayed, but I have become very wary and disturbed by a lot of these shows. The Secret Circle was a prime example.

A lot of yapping and stabbing...or knife wielding. Bambi eyed teens looking all serious yet doesn't seem to care of blink an eye with any long term effects. People killing each other like its nothing. No anguish, no repercussions. And all this disappearance and killing seem like nothing. No police officers? No suspicions of odd behavior? And what the heck is going on with the adults too? You have all these supposedly powerful people all just moping around about sex and power...but acting very dumb at times.

Also, a lot of cautionless sex. Again, wth? It might have been a while since I was a teenager, but seriously, teenagers are not sexing it up so very very much like how tv portrayed them. Especially not in high school. You have a bunch of fully formed adult actors/actresses playing teenagers but with college age and up behavior. No wonder kids are messed up. And where are the parents? I remember back in the days of Buffy - no, it wasn't perfect but...stuff like sex, family, killing...they were all portrayed with seriousness and severity. There were repercussions and long term effects...episode after episode... Nowadays, oh I killed someone! Blackmail! Over! Next... Is this how adults really envision the younger generations acting? O_o

Anyways...enough of my ranting. All I'm saying was, it's just weird. And yes, I know it's just television and make believe. And yes, I still watched it. Lol. Sadly, it does not compare very well with original novels. I'm trying hard to take this series as something completely separate. There were just too many differences that disturbed me. Half the teenagers were gone. Name changes. Killing off characters that were not killed off and adding character that did not exist. And...witch hunters? Really? *sigh*

We'll see how this series goes, but it's more like random entertainment for me now. I watch when time allowed. Nothing to wow over.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm sad to say, I stopped following after a while.

As much as I enjoy the music, adored the book and admire Madeleine Stowe, I got tired of it. There was just too much impossibility and too much cliche. I admit, I still skim it once in a while, but there's only so much people staring and looking off into some space can carry you through.

Maybe it's because they are dragging parts of it out for too long? I don't know, but I can tell you I'm probably not buying the DVD anytime soon. Maybe when there's a steep discount. >_<

Saturday, February 18, 2012

There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog by meg rosoff

Ok, so I admit, half the reason I bought it was because there was "dog" in the title. It also helped that the UK cover reminded me of another book that I adore with all my heart, but that's for another day.

Anyhoo~ I did hear good reviews on this book and thought I'd try something different to get me out of my slump. While interesting and certainly made me think, it wasn't as much of a "bam" as I had hoped (given the reviews). It was definitely different, in a good way. :)

Per the sleeve:

"What if God where a teenage boy?
In the beginning, Bob created the heavens and hear and the beasts of the field and the creatures of the sea, and twenty-five million other species (including lots of gorgeous girls). But mostly he prefers eating junk food and leaving his dirty clothes in a heap at the side of his bed.

Everytime he falls in love, earth erupts in natural disasters. So humankind is going to be very sorry indeed he ever ran into a beautiful, completely irresistible girl called Lucy..."

This was quite an interesting idea. What if the God of Earth was a teenage boy and he only got the job because no one else wanted it? Instead, the committee assigned Mr. B, a middle management to "help" out. Mr. B created the whales, by the way (at the insistence of Bob to also participate in creation). What got the story going was two ;)

Bob's mother, Mona, a beautiful drunken gambling goddess (the one that won the job of God of Earth in a cardgame) lost Eck, the unique last animal of the species of Eck. And of course, the aforementioned human Lucy whom caught Bob's eye and he wants to have sex with.

I don't know how accurate this teenage male was created given that my teenage years were far behind me and I'm of the opposite gender, so I'm weary to say the accuracy. Do 18-19 year old males really just think about sleeping in until 12, leaving a mess, snacking on junk food and sex? No idea. Are some of the horrendous individuals? Yes. Are some awesome creative people? Sure. But most, I think...don't act much like Bob. Still, if Bob was the creator, then maybe that's why he's kind of the extreme of it all.

Mr. B would be the typical average adult that took care of a teenager. Able to see the possibilities and talents, but unable to move kids in the direction to their fullest potential. And somewhat condescending.

There's Estelle whom became the feminine goodness even though she was the daughter of Emoto Hed (head honcho of a lot), a mightly feared God. Hed won Eck because Mona gambled Bob's pet away. How Hed's going to eat Eck...the last of his species. Estelle, quite unhappy with the turn of events, gave herself the mission to save Eck and in the process, fell in love with the chaotic Earth.

Ok, I'm making the story sound like a jumbled mess, but it really all makes sense once you sit down a read it. Lol. This was definitely an interesting book. I liked quite a lot of it and found an indescribable whimsical quality that seemed lost. Parts of the book read to touch upon something so foreign yet familiar - this idea of hope and life.

As much as I'm loving this book, there were quite a few pitfalls as well that I couldn't quite get over. I don't know if it's the trend now and maybe I'm finally starting to notice it, but what's with all the storylines? There were like three slightly interconnecting stories, but at the same time going all over the place. So many books these days have way too many people and story all going on at once. While I understand that life happens to be like that, it sometimes reads like filler plots. Or worse yet, like in this case, condensed plots. Certain parts were not as well developed as it could be.

Also, the religious part was definitely an interesting concept but ended up feeling too...western? I'm not quite sure how to explain it without sounding like I don't know what I'm saying, but the theology was a bit biased. The "god world" was basically like an odd form of bureaucracy, but kind of like the Roman/Greek mytho. The functionality of the universes and the "gods" don't quite make sense to me at times since the concept of aging was not explained other than they don't die. Example, I would have like to understand the background of Mr. B a little bit more than he's middle management and good at what he does. Family? Friends? Growth? Etc?

Whereas once we reach Earth, it was very Judo-Christian with the whole creation of the world by a teenager., this sounds crazy, but I also felt a touch of atheism. Yes, I know, sounds crazy. Bob and Estelle were a great contrast to one another in an odd sort of way. They both represent the two sides of younger generation. Both don't quite have much of a direction in their "life" yet, but both brilliant in their own ways. The situation with poor Eek and Lucy slammed them all together.

As characters, they were all pretty awesome. With human qualities and a godly maturity. No real antagonist, only flaws in characters which was great at times and annoying at times. I mean really, a goddess that was drunk most of the time? Another god contemplating eating her (even if it was just a threat)? Do teenagers really all seem like they're obsessed with sex and this idea of doom (if they cannot get what they want)? There were a few other things that bothered me, but in the end, I still quite enjoyed this book. It was a nice read, but I do wish I had waited for paperback. Lol.

I do love Eek. Then again, I love animals in general. It helped that the human setting was partially at a zoo. :)

Oh, and if someone understands the title, please point me in the right direction. I much appreciate it. :D

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year o the Golden Dragon!

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the year of the Dragon, this time in gold. :D

It's supposed to be a good year for a lot of people, but be careful not to be eaten. XP

Just a mini update, but I'm alive and doing ok. The reason why I have been so quiet these days, drum rolls please... I changed jobs. :) Work is ok. Just need to take some time to get used to it.

The downside was I haven't read any good books these days.

Does anyone have any good books to recommend? :)

In the meantime, keep warm and stay healthy. I wish you much joy and happiness in this new year.