Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year o the Golden Dragon!

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the year of the Dragon, this time in gold. :D

It's supposed to be a good year for a lot of people, but be careful not to be eaten. XP

Just a mini update, but I'm alive and doing ok. The reason why I have been so quiet these days, drum rolls please... I changed jobs. :) Work is ok. Just need to take some time to get used to it.

The downside was I haven't read any good books these days.

Does anyone have any good books to recommend? :)

In the meantime, keep warm and stay healthy. I wish you much joy and happiness in this new year.


  1. Happy Lunar New Year! Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and very happy year. xo

    Wow! A new job! Congrats!
    I hope you like it more as you get used to it. That usually happens.. if not, find another one! Nothing is set in stone.

    My reading has been slow too.. I'm making the effort to pick up the pace now. Most times I have an idea of the next 1, 2 or 3 books I want to read.. but for the first time I'm more like, "hmm.." and can't decide.

  2. Thanks Christine! Did you also celebrate with your family?

    Thank you again! I'm getting used to it much better now, but the best part...they're not pushing for overtime every single day. Instead, I can get out on time! :D

    Ah, same here...the reading slump is really annoying. *sigh* I'm hope a few new books coming out will finally kick me out of this slump. I do know you're looking forward to the new Lisa Kelypas. :D I'm excited.