Monday, February 20, 2012

The Secret Circle (TV series) a bit of rant

The Secret Circle by L.J. Smith

Ok, I admit, I avoided trying to write this for some time, but I can't help it anymore. I read LJ Smith when I was a wee little girl when her books were coming out, so while not one of the original fanatical fans, let's just say I was there when it all first began. So stuff like the Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle were all child's play in terms of books and stories. The Night World Series, The Dark Visions, Forbidden Games... For a while, these books were listed so much more expensive than the 3.99 when then first came out. (Awww, do people still remember books were that economically accessible? Thank goodness for libraries. :D)

While all these books had their pitfalls, they were very important to me a child. Given English was my second language, you can safely assume that my grades were horrific growing up. Horrific. This was part of the reason I had problems expressing myself - even now still. BUT! This was also how reading saved me. After getting into reading again, my grades slowly improved and books became my best friends. Anyways, before I get all mushy...

When I found out The Vampire Diaries were being made into a series, I was ecstatic to say the least...then I watch it and wanted to invent something to erase my memories. Then I heard The Secret Circle was coming.

Ok, let me say this now...out of all the LJ Smith books I read, The Secret Circle was up there in the importance/influential level and I kept hoping and hoping it'll turn out well.

It barely made it halfway there. *sigh* Maybe it's the media nowadays or the way teenagers have been constantly portrayed, but I have become very wary and disturbed by a lot of these shows. The Secret Circle was a prime example.

A lot of yapping and stabbing...or knife wielding. Bambi eyed teens looking all serious yet doesn't seem to care of blink an eye with any long term effects. People killing each other like its nothing. No anguish, no repercussions. And all this disappearance and killing seem like nothing. No police officers? No suspicions of odd behavior? And what the heck is going on with the adults too? You have all these supposedly powerful people all just moping around about sex and power...but acting very dumb at times.

Also, a lot of cautionless sex. Again, wth? It might have been a while since I was a teenager, but seriously, teenagers are not sexing it up so very very much like how tv portrayed them. Especially not in high school. You have a bunch of fully formed adult actors/actresses playing teenagers but with college age and up behavior. No wonder kids are messed up. And where are the parents? I remember back in the days of Buffy - no, it wasn't perfect but...stuff like sex, family, killing...they were all portrayed with seriousness and severity. There were repercussions and long term effects...episode after episode... Nowadays, oh I killed someone! Blackmail! Over! Next... Is this how adults really envision the younger generations acting? O_o

Anyways...enough of my ranting. All I'm saying was, it's just weird. And yes, I know it's just television and make believe. And yes, I still watched it. Lol. Sadly, it does not compare very well with original novels. I'm trying hard to take this series as something completely separate. There were just too many differences that disturbed me. Half the teenagers were gone. Name changes. Killing off characters that were not killed off and adding character that did not exist. And...witch hunters? Really? *sigh*

We'll see how this series goes, but it's more like random entertainment for me now. I watch when time allowed. Nothing to wow over.


  1. I read both of those series when I was young, too. I loved them. I think they are the books that re now responsible for my love of paranormal romance.

    I caught one or two episodes of Vampire Diaries. Not a fan. They changed so many things that I felt were important. I just couldn't watch it. Based on that I simply avoided The Secret Circle. I'll go watch my Buffy DVDs instead.

  2. They were great, right? I totally admit they were the books that got me into paranomral romance. Lol.

    Yes, avoid. They completely screwed up Damien. I tried just for the actor, but couldn't watch anymore. The Secret Circle...they killed Nick. O_o

    Oh yes, Buffy all the way. :D