Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm alive! My voice came back a while ago, but then I started having nosebleeding almost on a daily basis for about 2 weeks. If that wasn't enough to startle me out of my funk, I got the weirdest April fools for myself.

Adele - Um, I'm not a fan really, but I don't dislike her. Instead, I quite admire her voice and her as an artist. The thing is, I thought she was older than she really was. Then, one day (let's say April 1st), I randomly saw that she's in her early 20s. I was in shock, I mean, she looks so mature - It's kind of cool? ;)

Allergies - Anyhoo, allergy season has set in. I feel ill everytime I forget to take it and then I start panicking think I'm sick before I realized it was allergies. Ugh.

Fun stuff - I signed up to be trained to volunteer at the local animal shelter. I'm so excited! I do love animals and it feels good to start getting involved in community service again. It's strange. I used to do a lot of it during school, but once I started working and adulthood set in, I didn't do anything.

Also books - I should have at least one review up this month, but have finally upped my reading. It feels good to read. :D

How is everyone doing?


  1. Good to see you are doing ok. It does feel good to get our of a funk. I look forward to reading your upcoming review.

    I know how much you love animals, so this volunteer opportunity seems perfect for you. Enjoy it and know that you are making a difference!

  2. Thanks, Shannon! Animals are the best and as a funny side note, what partially got me out of the funk was reading about animals. Hehehehe.