Thursday, August 9, 2012

As garden!

Errr...more like flower buckets and pots, but anyways...

My borage grew really well after about three tries and the flowers are adorable! Been trying to harvest the seed, but it's super hard since they self seed and I need to get them when they're just about to fall.

I did my first harvest. These are Daikons, Japanese radishes. My old guy bought me the seeds. They grew great, but had some bug issues and tasted really really bitter. I was sad they didn't taste yummy, but my parents ate them anyways. And gave me some tips, lol, now I know better for next time. :)

My tomatoes are just about ready. :D My mother is already eyeing it. Lol.

About to relocate my strawberries. At least one of them. Hehe.

I totally forgot what this was since I planted it early on in the year. I want to say Amish Deer lettuce, but it doesn't look right. *sigh* Oh well, letting it flower. By the way, the plant is actually taller than me now.

And finally, my cream de cream, quinoa.

I only say that because I had a hard time dealing with bugs. The other plant I had was completely decimated by the stupid cabbage moths. I'll post more next time.


  1. Looks beautiful!!! I used to grow borage, too. I love those dainty drooping blue flowers. They self sow SO easily so next year you will have too many and end up weeding them! I used to float the little blue flowers in iced tea. Mostly grew it for attracting beneficial insects to my yard.

    Those little tomatoes are looking good! I have a lot of green ones, too.. and still plenty of flowers. Hopefully they'll ripen before the season is over around here! LOL!

    p.s. I know it's been a while since I came by.. LOVE the blog background. I almost chose this one several times, myself. :)

    Stupid cabbage moths. Hmpf.

  2. Wooo, flowers in iced tea sounds gorgeous! They are super cute, but the little spikes sure hurt. Lol. I have that single one in a pot right now so hopefully it won't spread into the other pots like crazy. *cross fingers*

    I'm so ready to eat the tomatoes, lol. I'll post more pictures later. Wooo, I can't wait to see picture of your garden. It's always so fun over there. Although, I shall wait until after the fun Europe trip photos. The ones Maria posted on FB were awesome!

    I detest the cabbage moths!!! Or the stupid ants trying to farm the aphids. And there's something eating my chia plant, but for the life of me, I cannot find the pests!!! So far, I'm only able to pick the bugs off one by one, but it was too late for my rosemary plant. Sad.

    p.s. Background for blog is nice, right? It seems so peaceful and soothing, yet rather romantic. ;)