Sunday, September 2, 2012


I had the craziest dream...I dreamt Once Upon a Time started and I was watching the show.

Instead of how the story progressed, in my dream, Emma was dreaming. In her dream, she saw Graham guiding her into a palace floor lined with individual curtain closed beds. Everywhere lined up like mazes. She was asking what happened and he was taking her and naming each unseen occupant behind the curtains as a fairytale character. And they reached sleeping beauty's (with some sparkly glitter floating from small openings where the top cover cloth and the edge of the side currents met. Graham was basically explaining these were the fairytale characters subconscious being suppressed by the curse.

And then I woke up and I thought it was such an awesome idea, I started writing it down on a notepad to blog about it... went downstairs while trying to think how to write and my fam had breakfast while I tried to scribble away...

Then I actually woke up! O_O I must really want to watch that show and I must miss writing a heck of a lot if I'm dreaming about writing. Hahahaha.

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