Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long weekened

Guess what I did this past weekend?

Here's a hint.

Have you guessed it yet? Here's another hint.

Yes, you guessed correct. I labored over Labor Day weekend.


This weekend, we (old guy and I) painted two closets. It was only two closets, but it was freaking exhausting. The heat didn't help.

That's me near exhaustion. Can you tell? Also, that mask barely helped with the fumes. The heat really didn't help the situation. By the end, I just stopped using the mask. It was so hot/humid I had problems breathing, plus the mask got really uncomfortable as I worked up a sweat.

Until next time...probably soon. And I will hopefully have some reviews too~


  1. Good job!!! Doesn't it feel great to be productive? I have a few projects I'd like to get done this fall.. but I'm waiting for cooler weather so I can breathe!

    Last pic is totally adorable. :)

  2. Thank you~ I definitely felt productive! Old guy didn't. He went on complaining as old men would. Hahaha. Yes! Wait for cooler weathers. Omg, this heat makes all the work so much more exhausting and unbearable. -_- Please also update on your projects! Your projects are always so inspirational and cool. I always learn so much.

    Awww, thank you for saying it's adorable. It was actually me being completely exhausted. Lol.