Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yup indeed

So, after spending quite a lot of money, it came to conclude I lost the use of my hard drive.

Everything is gone. Ok, not exactly.

First off, yes, I do back up my stuff. I actually double back up my stuff. Lately, though, I've had a lot on my plate.

First, my computer had to be reformatted. There's stuff going on at work and home and since I'd been so careful before, I'd never had issues.

My second back up was up to date enough, I guess.I had stuff from the beginning of 2012, but everything afterwards is gone. The one the broke was my main backup, that's why.

So, no matter how careful I am, it matters not as those string-pullers of fate find ways to get a laugh at my expense. Good for them.

 Lost about a years worth of well organized photos. Lost my the new writings I started up again. Lost a lot of blog posts I had been drafting/sketching. Blah.

 Oh, and this new blogging format. I hate it.

In my moping, I went ahead and did some shopping therapy.

I was conflicted between buying seeds, food and skincare. I ate some ice cream, so it was down to seeds and skincare. Skincare won out. Hahaha.

Now my credit card hurts.

Also, why is going sudden hot and sudden cold lately? It's been so humid lately. Makes me just want to sleep all day and night. Why must I work? Hahaha. Naw, I don't mind working. Although, I should figure out what I want to do and have fun doing it.

Need a career change, but don't know what.

So, how is your neck of the woods?

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