Monday, December 10, 2012

Guess what?

Look who's back?

My adorable nephew. =D This was him completely pooped out at the hotel. I gave him the blankie but he was too tired to move his body onto it, so I covered him with it.  The pillow though, no problem moving that head for a greater comfort. Lol.

So, I was not being a good little writer and writing away at Nanowrimo.  Granted, I wrote a little but mostly I was busy with this:

My sister's wedding!!!

I don't have any better pictures at the moment, but once we get some, I'll see about posting more.

All I can say is: why in whatever sane person's mind would they want to through a wedding?
Oh my freaking goshes, it was beautiful and fun and wonderful but the preparations beforehand? Oh effing goshes, is the only response I have.
I am so burnt out. So so burnt out.
How can a single event for a single day costs so much money? Have so many details? Why are there so much to do? What the hecka?!?!!!
It was so exhausting and I was just the maid of honor. They even had a wedding coordinator/planner and thank goodness for that wonderful woman and her team otherwise... I would not even want to imagine.

So, while all the well-wishers at the wedding began turning the eyes towards current response is a big no thank you.  Much to my parents fury. 

Cuz...wait for my next post

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