Friday, January 25, 2013

Random updates

My nephew looking cute. :)  Just brings a smile to my face.  Nowadays, I even video chat/facetime with my sister all to see my cute nephew. He's so cute!!!

First off, thank you everyone for your well wishes and congrats on my changed status.  Wedding date has been set, but probably not doing anything fancy. Just food because the parents and relatives demanded it.

So many problems with the house we're supposed to be moving into.  Hopefully will be done before New Years (Lunar Calendar).  Fingers crossed.

Work is being a total !@#$.  Going to have more meetings and loaded with more work and no pay while being berated, belittled and lectured.  Not to mention watched and micro-managed.  I just cannot seem to find a good work environment, but people assure me it's like that everywhere. Lol.

Been busy volunteering and it's a mixed bag of feeling.  I love the doggies, but am sad at the situation.  When I'm more eloquent and not just a mass of emotional whirlpool, I'll hopefully write more on animals. :)

I've really wanted to read some good books lately and nothing is getting me.  I read a bit and get bored or don't enjoy it and have to really push through.  That or some great story in ebook form. Really need to get into that.

Oh, getting bored by a lot of tv series lately and basically stopped watching most.  Need some good stories.  A few movies are looking promising.  

Otherwise, same-o same-o. Lol.

If you could be any fruit, what would you be? 


  1. Aww What's his name? He looks so sweet!

    I'd be a peach! Or maybe a cherry.. or some kind of berry... ;)
    What about you?

  2. His name is Rusty! Doesn't he look like a Rusty? Lol. He really is the sweetest, but he's getting a little too spoiled nowdays.

    I'd say peaches as well! I love them! So yummy. That or mangos... Oh oh, or strawberries. Mmmmmm...