Thursday, April 4, 2013


Ok ok, so I completely disappeared for a while. Nothing drastic but a lot of changes.

I moved for one. Work has been insanely busy for another. I despise traffic. Love dogs and still trying to volunteer during busy days.

That's about it for now.

Haven't read anything in a while except short stories and watched a lot of wuxia series. So good. Must post on those soon. So much stuff rolling around in my head when I'm not comatose from exhaustion.  In the meantime, pics of my nephew keeps me going. Well dogs in general.

Also, testing out this phone blogger app. If works well, then you will definitely see more of me online. :D


  1. Aww look at that baby! He's (she?) thinking, "let's go mom!"

    Kind of exciting to hear you moved! Do you have a wedding date planned yet? Anxious to hear more. xo

  2. Amen on the traffic. I keep hoping my commute will get temporarily better because of the various "Spring Breaks" - but um, no.....

    And awwwww, look at the puppy!

  3. Christine - Lol, it's a he. And he was being bad. He waited until my Sis and Bro-in-Law left the car and snuck from the back seat onto my sister's spot.
    Yes! Going to be this summer! I totally need to make a post about that.

    Wendy - OMG, the traffic. Omg. It's like it never gets better. O_o I also thought it would get better...did not even come close. And why are there so many accidents? And mean people?
    Isn't he adorable? My dog-nephew. Hehehe