Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TV thoughts

A quick recap of some of the TV shows I've been watching...or stopped watching. No pics, just me being random.

Revenge... As much as I love the actress, the whole story was getting a little too drawn out for me.  I read up on it once in a while, but that's about it.  I enjoyed it more when it was similar to the book in the beginning.  You see the pitfalls and etc., but then some of the storylines started feeling forced.  Forced to be more evil, or forced to feel bad for them.  Even with awesome actresses/actors, it gets tiring.

Once Upon A Time... First season was awesome, second season...meh.  It had some ups and downs, but as a fairytale loving girl, there are some aspects of the series that just needed to be stopped.  Maybe I was just never that big of a LOST fan to enjoy what the creators have obviously been bringing to this series.  Too many casts, too spread out about the stories.  Some stuff were so cardboard cut it was annoying.  Adding more and more people.  Also, some of the characters are getting annoying.  I don't care about them half the time anymore. I don't feel bad for them, or scared. Just annoyed... So, I read up on it as well, but not really watching anymore.

Nikita... I'm glad they are more willing to take risks now.  That's one of the good thing about this series, it's not that predictable.  No character is safe. You love em, you better watch out. It's full of action and excitement with so much at risk all the time.  The only problem is with me, in that I get too stressed out sometimes, so I watch it every few weeks shoring up on the episodes.

Sandal... Omg, this show is awesome, but so stressful for me. I mostly stopped to save myself.  I mean, just look at the actress, she's just too cool - smart, powerful, gorgeous. Everything.

Castle...this is only of the few shows that I still watch every week.  It's just that good.  I love how this is one of the few shows that have been able to pull off long term couples. Although, lately, I feel like they are trying to push too much drama into it unnecessarily.  Ex) Stop shoving doubts and questions about Casket, they're dedicated to each other. Let it go.

Futurama... I cannot believe they are getting cancelled again.  This show is just too funny and good. Sad.

The Big Bang Theory... again, one of the few shows I still watch every week.  It's still awesome funny, smart, and general feel good.

Elementary... I adore Lucy Liu.  I watch every week as well.  I like the modern take on everything, Sherlock is cool and got to love the Captain. Plus I love mysteries.

Modern Family... that's another duh, of course I watch, series.  What's not to love about crazy families?

Parks and Recreation... It's still good, I still love Leslie Knoppe and again, another series that keeps things interesting. Also with a long lasting couple. :)

A few worth mentioning:
I started watching The Following on the account of Kevin Bacon being so cool, but the story started creeping me out with all the cult minds.  Similar with Hannibal; very interesting ideas and stories but in this case, it's getting way to graphic for me...I mean seriously, it's getting too gross graphic.  I like the ideas behind both series though.
Also, Defiance is looking good.  It's too new for me to decide, but how can I resist aliens.

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