Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When the rabbit is out

The piggy goes out to play.


I debated whether or not to write this, but then again, it's not as if it is a complete secret. My soon-to-be-hubby (if I don't run away first) knows about this blog. 

So mr old guy had to go to the main office for his business trip a few weeks ago and at the exact same time, my parents were also out of town to visit my relatives - ergo little ms alys was (for the first time in her young life) by herself. No parents, no sister and no male to watch over her. No dogs either.
Life still continued as there was work, bills and various heavy responsibilities.
Yet, one thing was kind of free. Dinner!

For several blissful nights, I could eat whatever I wanted. Where ever I wanted. So I went all out.
The first day I was silly and got a to-go order of kimacurry rice. It was delicious...except I needed to do dishes.  So silly.  I forgot to take photos too.
I learned from my mistake on day two. Hehehe.
Two in-n-out burgers just for me. It was yummy.

Third day was even better. I even went for a mini facial (free cuz of a promo) first, bought myself a lotion then went to get a burger.
Omg just look at it. It was bigger than my face! Ok ok that was an exaggeration, it was twice the size of my mouth. I had to chop and smartly saved half for lunch the next day.  I also got myself some creme brulee for dessert. It was coffee and cinnamon.  Coffee was better.
Then, my last day of food freedom I went for udon. Mochi udon.

Fun times, fun times.


  1. Hahaha!! Good for you! I hope you enjoyed every minute of it. Sounds like you did :)

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who does this. When My Man is out of town I revert to a highly questionable diet of a 13-year-old boy. Chinese food (of varying levels of quality), frozen pizza (yes, I like frozen pizza), and ::drool:: In n' Out burger.....

  3. Lori - Ehehehe, yes, I went all out and enjoyed every minute. Nothing like good food to make like better. Plus, no dishes to do!

    Wendy - Horray! I'm not the only one. Lol. I was so tempted to eat In n Out burger the entire week, but decided against it. Hmmm, frozen pizza... I bought some during that week too, but I got too tempted by lack of dishes and burgers. Man, now I want some more In n Oou for dinner!

  4. Girl, you know how to live it up! ;)

  5. Christine - I am learning to and it's great. :) hehehe

  6. Yum! It's great to have freedom to eat whatever you want, right? LOL.

    As good as the burgers are, I don't like it when they are that huge :( That means you have to cut them and well, what's the point?

  7. It really really is. Oh, and no dishes. That was awesome.

    I agree. A lot of food in a burger is nice, but then it was so hard to eat and that's not good when I'm hungry. It's like, woo so much food, but how am I supposed to eat it? Lol.