Sunday, July 28, 2013


Just a little Sunday relaxations in my garden...mostly container garden but works for me! :D


Started more seedlings.  
Old man asked for some flowers so hopefully most of them will come out ok.
 My pumpkins just sprouted. So excited.

 These were at my parents house.  The coolest part, they grew from the tomatoes I planted last year. Totally sprouted and grew on their own. Mom's been enjoying them. Lol.


This was the only sunflower that truly survived to full bloom.  I planted so many sunflowers this year and it was sad.  Slugs, bugs and all sorts of animals ate all my sunflowers.  
So many were about to bloom and moths laid eggs in the bud...the little moth larvaes ate every last one.  I had to yonk and toss...

Like the ones below...they all got eaten. Very sad.

This was another batch of starter seedlings. Look how cute!


  1. I love the sunflowers. I always tell myself I'm going to plant some next year and then when next year comes, I never do!

    The tomato plants growing in my garden are plants that seeded themselves from last year's plants/dropped fruit, too!!!!! They're producing ripe tomatoes later than if I had bought seedlings at the nursery, but I love knowing those seeds survived snow in the winter and came to life in the spring when the time was right. I call these plants "volunteers." hee hee

  2. I do that too! I think cuz even though they're easy to grow, they're also very time consuming. This year, I just threw them down all over the place and wished for the best. About a quarter survived before getting eaten by bugs...but that's what happens when I let things be. Hahaha.

    Would you like some seeds? I have so many Old Man makes fun of me and call me seed hoarder. I don't hoard! I just see them and I can't resist buying.

    Woooo, I like that! Volunteer plants. You're right! Knowing that they survived all on their own for a year makes them all the more special and wonderful. I can't wait to start planting stuff at the house here. They're all in pots for the most part. So fun. :D