Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lately, walks...

Lately, Old Man has been talking me to take walks after dinner in a bid to get healthier. A great idea I had embraced in the beginning that turned into quite a bit of complaining on my part.

(Old Man walk)
We started of walking every other night and have moved into every night with the occasional run. Let me just say this. I love walking around, we used to go hiking a lot when we first got together and went to walk around local parks when we could. Had stopped for almost 2 years if not more. While I enjoy walking, I am not a runner. Never was and never will be. I prefer to swim in my kiddie way and just enjoy myself. Old Man cannot swim. He lives to run. So we compromised by walking after dinner. .

It's always cooler at night and during summer, that was a great boon. I enjoy the chilly air even if my lung burn and my face becomes numb from the cold. I like looking up at the nearly black sky past the ever luminous monstrosity of lights around the park and tracks. The trees were pretty enough and I enjoy a good walk. Basically a nice simple stroll. 

Well not this old man. He keeps insisting on making it into exercise. Even when we walk, it turns into a fast-walking-near-jogging thing. That annoys me. Greatly. Every time. Which would be doable if we weren't both working fulltime. Our commute takes about an hour each way, on opposite ends therefore carpool was out of the question, therefore I detest driving even more now. Did I mention I had to cook dinner? He cleans, but still. It's tiring!  I'm tired!

I finally couldn't take it the other day.  He wanted to run and break out his new shoes.  Go for it!  What did I do?  *cackles*  I read.  

(Me reading while he ran a mile.)

Usually we walked the track together.  Sometimes he runs while I walks.  Other times, I run a bit with him.  Still, I'm a terrible runner, so I'll stick with walking. Lol.  We also switch it up every now and then.  We usually try to for a mile+, but if I'm really tired or we'd been out running errands the whole day, we do about half a mile.  My reasoning was that we walked a lot already. Lol.  Mostly I'm just tired.

He also surprised me on 4th o J.  He kept telling me we were just going for a stoll/walk at the local park but instead took me to watch the local city fireworks.  It was nice.  There were a lot of people and so many booths and events going on.  I'm not big on people so we shifted just enough to watch the fireworks with bunch of other people standing around. 

(Just a bit of fireworks.)

Overall, I very much like our nightly (or every other night during most weekdays) walks.  It's one of the few times when we're not being distracted by family or work.  Even being at home together gets distracting with cleaning up or using the computer (him with his video games).  So, just for about 15-20 minutes, we tend to just walk around in circles and spend some quality time together.  We even get into arguments over usually results in me stealing his car keys and phone and running away. Hahaha.  Yeah, we live weird lives. 


  1. The good thing is that if you want to run, you have a nice track. It's much better than to run in the street. I used to run as well when I was in high school, but not anymore. I'm thinking about it... but... LOL.

    What book were you reading?

  2. Lol, the track is very nice. It's fairly new and uses that rubber stuff nowadays. So much easier on the joints. Woo, were you on Track? Old guy was so he still kept it up. It's nice to go out for walks, but running is not my thing. Hahaha.

    Oh, I was reading The Princess Curse. Working on that review. Love it!

  3. You know what, Alys.. I'm gonna side with your guy on this one. You should just get over it and run. I'm mean, I know! At the very least you should do the fast walking thing.. get your heart rate up and get a little sweaty. It's SO good for you and should even boost your energy levels. Just make sure you're getting enough sleep, too. Don't wait until you're 40 like I did to start running. Better late than never, yeah.. but I wish I had been more into fitness 15 years ago.

    This is what I suggest: (not that you're asking..)
    1. Buy a good pair of running sneakers. Be prepared to spend close to $100 but just wear them at the track for running/walking.. not any other time. Your feet and joints and back will thank you.
    2. Start out small.. run maybe 3x a week and chose the days you're less likely to be tired. For example, on the weekend or the days you don't go to the grocery store or run all over the place. Alternate running and walking laps if you want to.
    3. Walk the track the other 3x a week.
    4. Take a day off every 5 days or so.
    Do it!!!

    No pressure. ;)