Monday, July 8, 2013

Mrs Alys' Wedding Etiquette - follow up

Ok, Mrs. Alys going to do a minor follow up with the recent outpouring of rude brides.

Please invite those you care for and are your close family and friends.
Be happy they came to the wedding.
You're never going to re-coup the amount you spend, therefore, once again - invite only people you want on your special day...and not think of it as a money making business. It's not.  It's a celebration. A celebration you chose to have. Those are your guests.
For my reception, I've had people come empty handed - so, am I supposed to go on a rant about how much I spent on my wedding?  Um, no since I chose to invite them.

And um, it was my reception.  I picked out everything that I wanted.  I didn't pay for what my guests wanted... If my guest had said "I want the $100 per cup alcohol," then sure, I would nicely tell them to pay for it since I wasn't going to get the stuff to begin with.

I almost had the issue where we only had chicken, fish, veggies, rice and potatoes...and someone very close to me wanted beef.  Um, only this person would be getting, instead of ranting and yelling, I politely said no beef - plenty else to eat.

Granted, I did have to invite a few people as obligation and they were very rude to my other guests and vendors.  Should I call them up and start yelling at them?  Um, again, no.  They just won't get invited to any of my events in the future.  Simple.

And again, let me say to the guests... stop thinking weddings are a restaurant for you to throw a fit about. You are a guest and very importantly, guest, this is not your day. You do not get to cut in line or think that the gift(s) you gave somehow elevates you to rip people a new one.

Basically, what happened to manners?


  1. oh your reception looks like it was so lovely, Alys.

    I just read that $100 cash is not enough article. Holy smokes! The NERVE of that bride. Whoa. Just nuts. I don't know what happened to manners.. it makes me both mad and sad... :(

  2. Christine - Wasn't that just crazy? Complaining about the gift?! And the other bride badgering for receipts and calling the guests cheap. I was jaw-opened shocked at the rudeness and mentality at these people. It's a celebration! I just couldn't believe it and had to put in my two cents.

    Also, thanks again! I think everyone had fun at the reception and that was what was important. I invited close friends and family...and like a few obligations for my parents. But mostly really good friends and family. :)

  3. People are just ridiculous. Seriously, you don't complain about gifts. And you especially don't call up the gifter and complain ^_^; If you don't have the money to hold a big wedding, then don't. Ugh.

  4. Nath - completely agree. Simply ridiculous. It's a GIFT! Not an obligation. Even if it was an obligation, it's not something to complain about. I mean, what's wrong with people?

    Totally agree about the money part too. I hear about so many people having weddings they can't afford. Granted, it really can't be helped since weddings are EXTREMELY expensive, but that's just something you gotta deal with. Not expect guests to pay for it. I mean, seriously. O__o