Thursday, July 18, 2013


By popular request, pictures of my wedding reception!
Well, not really popular request, but here is it.
  First off, we actually got legit way before this event. We went quiet court style and had a family dinner thing. This reception thing is more due to family request and expectations.  There was a lot of yelling, arguing and tears to have this reception...
We're also going to have to have on for the family on the other side of the ocean later this year. 
Ah, so much to do.

So, surprise! We had the reception on a boat!  It was actually Old Man's idea, not mine. Surprising, right? Everyone thought it was me, but no, it was all him. Lol.
 The funniest part was that he couldn't swim and yet, he wanted it on a boat. Hahaha.
My wonderful Sister was the one that found this place and made the initial call. 
My theme was still Asian even though the venue and food were more Western.  I had two dresses (even though I really wanted only one).  Both were Chinese QiPao based, but with a modern take.  Look at that back! Hehehe.

My parents designed that second dress themselves and had it custom made.  They argued a lot about it...even towards the end, but I appreciated their effort.  The dress really was pretty gorgeous.  My input was the skirt/hem itself. I wanted it to flair out.  Let me look for better pictures.  I don't have that many pictures yet. 
Let me look for some better photos.

Until then, here was the first floor set up with a sweetheart table for the two of us.

My bouquet was full of sunflowers. Lol. So yes, my flowers for the entire event were all sunflowers.  Sunflowers everywhere!  Ok, not everywhere, but just enough.  The second picture was of the centerpiece.  It was really pretty.  There were colored marbles in the water at the bottom (with mixtures of red).

My cake (one of)
Yes, I actually had two cakes.  My original one was a delicious tasting taro cake, with pudding and coffee jello on top.  It's so good, but not exactly cutting and photo material.  After much arguing and struggle with my parents, I gave up and let them pick another tiered cake.  I had to set my foot down at 3 tiers.  They wanted 4-5. O__o Parents.


Also, the top sunflower was done by the florists we hired, but the roses?  Those were all my Mom and Sister.  Where they not awesome?

Here's us cutting cake and having a bite.


  1. Wow - absolutely gorgeous!! I love both dresses :) And what an amazing idea to have it on a boat. Love.

  2. Lori - Thank you! I love both dresses too. I think they're very me. Lol. I liked the boat idea too, it was very different and relaxing. :D

  3. Haha :) Since I asked and I consider myself the voice of everyone, you were right, it's by popular request :P

    Love your dresses, Alys! They were sooo pretty :) and seriously, it's nice that your parents were so involved. Yes, lots of tears and frustration, but you wouldn't want it any other way :) I mean, your parents designed your red dress! How cool was that?!? :) Great venue and cake looked so yummy! :P Taro cake... only Asians LOL.

  4. Nath - Lol, yes you are the voice of everyone. ;) A large group of everyone. :P

    Thank you, thank you! The dresses were great. Well, parents were going to be involved whether I liked it or not. Example, the cakes. I already decided on my cake (sheet taro cakes), but my parents wanted something fancy looking with the tiers and all.

    Omg, no point telling them I already paid for my cakes, they went out and bought the one they wanted. *sigh* Same with the dress, I originally only wanted to wear the red one (the one they designed), but the almost forced me to wear two more dressed!!! I already went about and bought that white one and my Mom secretly brought another dress the day of!!! I kept telling her, there's no time, but she didn't care. Got mad at me for not wearing it, even though I really didn't have time. Ah, parents...

    Yes, only Asians would do the Taro cake...oh and the pink tier cake was mango. Also very Asian. Lol.

  5. Oh my goodness... Alys you made my heart expand and my eyes tear up.. You look so radiantly beautiful! I'm so happy for you! Really I'm choked up with joy for you. Thank you so much for posting these. You made my day. :) And I guess you figured out that I'm only seeing them now because we were away all this time! I bet that Taro cake was SO yummy! AND. I'm glad you wore TWO dresses. One of my dear friends did that at her wedding (she's Chinese, too) and I LOVED it! She even changed her hair up with each dress. So stunning and memorable. Honestly.. she's been married almost 14 years now and I can still recall exactly how she looked in her gowns. Very memorable. xo

    The venue looks gorgeous!

  6. Awwww, thank you so much for being so happy for me! :) Thank you! It was a crazy day. Hahaha, yes, I figured you were having tons of fun flying everywhere and visiting cool places and eating awesome food.
    Don't forget there's also mango! Lol. Very asian cakes.

    I was kind of glad I had two dresses too, but it really cut into my food time. I don't think I even finished the salad. Lol. Oh yes, I did hair change as well. Mom insisted and she did the hair the second time. Lol. We couldn't afford to have the hair and makeup people with us the whole day, although I do think Mom did an even better job. Hahaha.

    The venue was so fun. I think everyone loved it because it was so relaxing and the scenery was so pretty. There was food (I made sure there was candy everywhere) and drinks so everyone had a good time.

    I still say the Candy Artists were like my proudest one expected them for entertainment and the children were very much occupied that way. Hahaha.