Friday, August 30, 2013

A Night of No Return/An Invitation to Sin by Sarah Morgan

A little novel romance to follow the romantic tv stories I'd been reviewing.  The source!  Granted, these were"normal" and less of a...creepy-scariness.

It would be safe to say that between Jeannie Lin and Sarah Morgan (plus a few others), my faith in Harlequin may be close to restoration. Granted, it'll never be the peak it once was with auto monthly books, but I do stand in front of the devoted bookshelf lined with category romances in the bookstore. Plus, I am looking them up more often the before.


This was more classic story of boss and employee...the employee having loved the cold-hearted closed off boss from afar.

One thing I did wonder about was what Emma saw in Lucas. Emma was an admirable and well rounded person. From the two years they had worked together, I didn't see any of Lucas' action that deviated from his shell. Not kindness to strangers, supporter of any specific causes, etc. etc. So, although their relationship overall was believable once together, it was hard to see what Emma saw in Lucas for so long.

Once we were shown the inner Lucas, it got much better.  Ms. Morgan was always good at striking a balance between those gruff alpha males and not go towards the a-hole personality.    A definite good read, even though I'm not big on the boss/secretary stories.  It definitely helped that the story itself dealt with some of the basic issues I had with this type of theme and I was really happy with how Emma acted. 

This one was rather interesting with it's departure from the typical story. In this case, both the H/h were public figures of sort. I liked how this private/public life of celebrities was portrayed.  More than anything, I'm glad for the characters to be more human.

Taylor had made mistakes when she was young and was trying hard to overcome them as an adult.  That was something I much appreciated.  The guy though, while I liked his maturity, Luca still much retained certain Harlequin Present characteristics of being a rather dominate character.  Luckily, I always like how Ms. Morgan never overdoes the heroes.  And the women always hold their own.

A side note though, I was surprised by the age of the scandal...wouldn't part of that be like statutory exposure?

Both were pretty fun to read.  A simple and clean category romance with characters you don't want to kill or makes you tear your hair out. Lol. 


  1. I like how Morgan plays around with common HP tropes, but spins them in a such a way that they feel lively and fresh. I think it's because, of the books I've read so far, her heroines tend to have some spine to them. They don't let the Alphas run all over them :)

    1. Exactly! I love her heroines the most. And even the Alphas are rarely the type the reader wants to strangle. I need to thank you for introducing me to Ms. Morgan. :D My Super Librarian always knows best. ;)

      On that line, I really blame you for my current obsession with Jeannie Lin books. :P