Sunday, August 25, 2013


Yeah this is where all my books are hidden. Lol.
I know keep complaining about the delays to my reviews because books were, here's why:

Old man and I worked very hard to move everything from the garage into the house

I've started to stock up my two puny bookshelves while everything is still in boxes.  
Old man and I also worked very hard to bring this small looking, but extremely heavy bookshelf upstairs into my workroom.

There are actually still a few boxes at my parents house...and I'm sure I lost a few books when they got tossed out. -_-  I hope they were important books that I can't rebuy.  Luckily, I made sure to bring my faves. Lol.


  1. Are you done? Re-shelving books is always a big task! LOL

  2. Not even close to done! Lol. It is so much work. I have to re-organize, move, and quite often get distracted and need to re-read. Hehehehe.