Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jackie Chan Adventures

Jackie Chan Adventures
2000-2005  95 episodes
My last cartoon review for now and it's going to be super short.  I wanted to do Batman Beyond, but that would take way too long. Lol, so some fun Jackie Chan Adventures for us!

I actually remember watching this when it first came out.  After the last bout of online streaming, it suddenly hit me to search for this series.  Boy, was I glad I found it.  It was hilarious then and it was still quite funny now.  Several story arches with hilarious characters.  There was still a few cliches and stereotypes with the characters, but at the same time, the broke through a lot of them.

I very much enjoyed the focus being the interactions between all the characters.

My favorite character was Jade.  She was just so precarious, smart, and straight forward.  Even though she's a little girl, she kicked butt.  She was fearless, smart and very fast on her feet.  Jade really made the show that much better.  Jade definitely acted her age and more.  I wish there were more characters like her.  I'd love to see an adult version of Jade. :)

Uncle was hilarious, but my favorites tended to be with his rivalry with Toru's Mom.  Speaking of Toru, I very much loved how the characters had their own characteristics and growths.  They were very cute together fight evil magic.  Although both had very stereotypical traits, I think they stayed on the positive side in most cases.

Jackie Chan was more of a composite of certain characteristics of from the movies and utilized a lot of slapstick comedy. He was just super sweet for the most part.

Even the villains were funny.

If you ever find yourself with nothing to do and just want a nice bit of comedy, watch this show.  It's definitely worth it.

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