Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lan Ling Wang/The Masked Beauty Lin Lang General 蘭陵王 - currentlywatching

Um...I'm busy right now.

Watching this: Lan Ling Wang

 (omg, Chinese ballads are always so beautiful and sad and beautiful)

Yeah...I caved and watched it early.  It's almost over.  Done this week, so yeah...I'll be in a daze for a while.

Can I just say, despite everyone saying "this pair" or "that pair" I personally just loved all the acting?  I've never seen so many pretty criers before.  I mean, seriously, every single actor and actress were so great in their role! And they cry so prettily, even though it's sad times.

This series is so soul-sucking addictive.  My whole family is watching.  Dad and Mom (she hides and tries not to) and Sis too.  Lol, my family is funny, haha.

Anyways, back to watching...I hope it ends well, but knowing Asian cinema with their crazy ideas about life being tragic thus it's the journey that counts - I kind of guessed where it's headed.   If that's the case, and done poorly, prepare for my crazy rants.

Omg, this is also one of my favorite songs now.

(omg, more ballads...makes me want to cry)


  1. The drama looks good, but a bit long LOL. Great cast though. I've seen some clips and stuff... but so far, no english or viet subs, so I'm still waiting. I doubt it ends well though...

  2. It's really good half way through...then it went terrible and ended bittersweet. *sigh* I was just writing up a post. You'll see it soon. Yeah, no subs yet. They literally just finished showing it yesterday/today. It wasn't that bad of a wait. They actually released like 3 episodes a day so it went by fast. Plus the storyline moved so quickly.
    Seriously very good in the beginning and then... *sigh*

  3. 3 episodes a day is really good and fast! Sucks that it ended all bittersweet though.

    1. Yeah, I wish all series did this. It was especially good for this series because there were a lot of cliff hangers, so the extra episodes helped.

      It was a lame ending. Just lame. Like everyone dies. -_-

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