Monday, August 19, 2013

More on TV shows

Recently, I gain access to online streaming and went crazy (if the previous posts hadn't been evident enough lol).  It was both good and bad...let's skipped the bad and move to the good.  I was able to catch up on some new shows as well as rewatched some beloved shows from before.   A few things occurred to me.  Show's need growth and change in realistic and good ways...  TV shows were still inherently entertainment, but even entertainment needs growth.  We as the viewers grow and change, therefore it's often expected for the entertainment we engage with does the same.  Even though part of the entertainment was also the "sameness" that helped us feel comforted and safe, it does not work for every show out there.

Stuff I still watch: Castle, The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation (despite their hatred of libraries and librarians), Modern Family, Futurama (even though it's coming to an end).

These shows remained rather consistent in their stories and characters.  They're also great about changes and character growth.

For so many other shows that started with such a bang, full of depth and magic, they ended up fizzling away into weirdness and predictability.  There were also quite a few popular shows where I watched it and wished my life back.  I'd ask why they were on TV, or why they were popular, but I didn't want to go down that line of thought.  Luckily for me, I still have some good shows and still better books.  And my gardening.  I've been really into various cooking shows like Top Chef, Cupcake Wars, and of course PBS cooking shows.  Oh, speaking of PBS, I found that they still had a lot of good shows after the hiccups the past few years (imho).

So, since I'm going through a TV thing these days, I might as well do a TV week...where I can just ramble on about shows I watch (American English style, hahaha).  Enjoy~

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