Monday, August 12, 2013

Recent TV shows

Ok, I totally meant to be a good Alys and post reviews but RL hasn't been cooperating and I haven't had time to open a bunch of my boxed up books.  Soon.

In the meantime, I had written a few reviews about some of the Wuxia shows I watched lately.  I was trying to be all objective and critic parts of the was a big fail.  They ended up being very extreme random ramblings about problems I had with the adaptions.

I spent like weeks upon weeks reviewing, rewatching, contemplating, obsessing writing these reviews.  After a very recent edit, I realized I just had a lot of complaints on my end.  I couldn't stop complaining.  I didn't even realize how deeply I felt about some of these stories and shows.

Rather than removing or sanitizing them, I have decided to go ahead and post them.  Whether anyone reads them or not, agreement or disagreement - I just needed to put it out there since there were so many instances where I wanted things to be better.

These stories were a strong part of my upbringing and they definitely warranted their own posts - as ranty and annoying as they may be. :)


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