Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Magic School Bus

So, I found out The Magic School Bus was on Netflix...and I went crazy. Then after I watched all season 1 in one day...I realized they only HAD one season.  Then just last week, it was announce the entire series has been posted online. OMG, I went crazy.

Then I realized, I needed more... So I went searching online.

My goodness have I been so out of the loop, I didn't even realize they had the entire DVD set for sale!!! On top of that, I found out they had science kits. Science kits!!! I loved these stuff, but we were always too poor for the ones that existed back in the day (not Magic School Bus one's of course). Nowadays, kits everywhere! Smithsonian ones, Discovery Magic School Bus ones. Be still my heart. I had to sit on my hands and hide my wallet to resist the urge to buy all of them. Even now, walking through stores...I want to buy them all!

The Magic School Bus

Onto the show~~~

There is quite nothing like educational cartoons. Something so unique and special about these older shows that makes me really wish they would do more.  A wonderful teacher that encourages her students to get messy and make mistakes, because that's how we learn.  A bunch of kids all with their own personalities and characteristics.  This was one of my favorite cartoons growing up.  The books were awesome as well (still ongoing ^_^), but just imagine...a cartoon that's educations. *happy sigh*  It had adventure and excitement, all the while teaching about friendship and all things science.

I used to race home after school and watch it on PBS. Or waking up early to watch it on PBS.  Even then, I always wished there was a truly magical school bus that could take me to see first hand how the earth works.  From a flower to seed to a flower again, watching decomposition, or going underwater.  Traveling around the world, learning all about the weather, every episode was a delight.  Learning about sound and the chemistry of cake, I loved it all.

Granted, some of the information were dated (i.e. Pluto), but overall this was still a very informative series about the environment, science, health, chemistry, etc. Even now, re-watching, I found there were more information I had forgotten.  Very educational indeed. If anything, they were very too vigilant to keep all the information very educational.  Almost all the episodes that dealt with the environment and such, there was almost no discussion about human caused problems.  The main morale was the environment took care of itself, almost as if the human factor didn't exist (with exception of the wetland episode).  Extinction, land erosion (not the water episode), pollution, global warming, loss of habitat, over-hunting, over-grazing, garbage...everything was very simple.  It's understandable given the age it was meant for, but the few times it was mentioned, it was still glossed over, with only a few episodes towards the end.  Instead, the stories were more focused on teaching the basics as well as about the characters learning, making mistakes and such.  Not too bad for a children's cartoon.
As for the characters, each character was unique with their specific personalities.  I loved them all.  Rewatching these days, I've noticed how the authors, writers, directors, and producers seemed to have made a conscious choice to go against stereotypes.  They were simply kids with their own personalities.  My favorite was, of course, Ms. Frizzle and Liz.  Also, believe it or not, I loved the Bus.  It has it's own personality and it was so cute. 

It made me rather nostalgic about a lot of good shows I watched growing up. These shows were fun and educational.  They had a wide range of cultural background.  Currently, I am saving some money to buy the box set.  More than that, they have science experiment sets favorite.  We never had money to spend on these growing up and had to make due with what we had at home, which were valuable in and of itself.  I would still like to play with these just to see.  Hehehe, I feel like a little kid giggling at the thought of playing again with these.

P.S. This show made me love bats. Bats and lizards.  And muscles (ones in the sea ^_~). I love them all to this day. :)

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