Monday, September 30, 2013


I should really finish all the drafts and post some actual stuff, but I've been a little out of it these days unable to do much.  Freaking foot. 

The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (2008) by Tennessee Williams (1957) The story revolves around Fisher Willow (Bryce Dallas Howard), a heiress that recently returned to Memphis for a debutante ball, only to realized that her father blew up part of the levee he owned. This was a brilliant story, don't know why not many people know about it. Or why they're not that into it.

Ah, Tennessee William, what conflicted emotions you evoke from us all. 


As an added bonus: Lil Alys' mini morning adventure!  Feel free to skip.

The piercing bright light escaped through the heavy curtains and insisted on waking Lil Alys from her already restless slumber. She tossed aside the light sheets that worked plenty in the humid heat of the night and sat up. Glancing at the two temporary aluminum "legs" Lil Alys had acquired, the desire to fall back into the softness of the comforter grew. Instead, she had to listen more to the bloated feeling in her bladder. With a heaved sigh full of dramatics, Lil Alys balanced her crutches and gingerly lowered her currently multi-colored and still swollen left foot. Then with an even more dramatic sigh, placed her right foot onto the warm floorboard and hobbled to the bathroom to get her business done. An action that should've taken less than 5 minutes, but now have doubled and often tripled in time.

As it was morning, the constant gnawing feeling of hunger called out. As such, Lil Alys called out to her current slave helper, already downstairs relaxing in front of the new season premiered tv shows.  Hobbling some more towards the stairs, Lil Alys sat down on the top of the stairs in her nightshirt and waited for said helper to hurry by - as the ruckus she had started, it would not bode well for him if she was not in his line of sight.  Hehehe.

He picked up the two crutches and went down a few steps below and watched as Lil Alys slowly lowered herself step by step.  A funny enough sight in the beginning, but after two weeks of this nonsense, it was just another morning.  As she reached the last few steps, she stopped and waited for her new friends that have left bruises under her arms and in both palms.  Ah, such friendship.  With Old Man leading the way, the two moved to the kitchen for some breakfast before Lil Alys began whining again.  Such a baby.

"Now I know why once babies start walking, they never stop."  Lil Alys griped.

Too late, it has begun.  Mr. Old Man just sighed and went to pick up some eggs.

"Cuz crawling sucks!"

"Why are you crawling again?" Old Man asked offhandedly.

"Cuz, cuz," the baby in Lil Alys whined, "it hurts to use the crutches all the time."

"Then don't move around!" Exasperation in every word.  No hope. This was almost a daily conversation nowadays.

"But I'm hungry, Old Man."

"Ok, ok, I'm cooking."

Lil Alys secretly smiled with a touch of smugness as she watched Old Man busy beating eggs.  As inconvenient as it was, it's nice to be babied every now and then.  Given that the last time both Lil Alys and Old Man were sick, she still had to get up and take care of a bunch of stuff, including breakfast, Lil Alys will enjoy this while it lasts.  Even when it wasn't seasoned right, or had too much salt, or no salt, she ate it with a thanks.  Up until he took a bite and went "bleck" at the taste.

Hehehehe.  To be continued!

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