Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spoilers - Yes or no?

I have been reviewing my posts lately, trying to improve my reviewing and writings when I noticed something odd.

I rarely write spoilers!  
Why is that weird? Well, since you never ask and I'm's because I LOVE reading spoilers.

(here's a pic of my nephew getting spoiled)
(since I'm not exactly sure what a spoiler pic should be)

You read right, I love it (spoilers).  I'm one of those that love flipping to the end first, or watching the first and last episode of a series. In the famous words of Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg)of Spaced "Skip to the End."

Yet, why don't I write any? Asked no one, again.

Part of it is probably because I'm not every good at storytelling and reviewing, recapping and summarizing tends to be a form of re-telling stories.  I'm better at analyzing and essays, but even recently, with lack of use has made it all deteriorated even more.  *depressed sigh*

Plus, I don't know if people want spoilers.  I figured most people come here out of boredom for additional thoughts about a story.  There are probably countless places that talk about the stories much better than I can ever describe them.  At the same time...spoilers?

What do you think? What do you look for in reviews?

More pics of my spoiled nephew.
He stuck his own head there while Sis was trying to use the computer.  Then we just ended up petting him the whole time.
My Bro-in Law takes my nephew everywhere.  He doesn't even need to walk half the time. Lol.   


  1. hey there :)

    I love spoilers as well! I do read the end first and if the last episode is available, I'll give it a go at some point.

    As much as I like spoilers, I know I'm in the minority so when writing reviews, I do try to not spoil too much. If I do add too much spoilers though, I add a warning. It happens especially for long series because well, it's hard not to mention some events when they have repercussions. I try, but I'm probably sure my reviews are not totally spoilers-free though.

    In review, I look for the opinions. If that person enjoyed it, what s/he enjoyed and disliked. I don't necessarily need spoilers. Seriously, nowadays with internet, it's not hard to find out if you really look :)

    And lucky nephew!

    1. Hahaha, awesome! It's good to know I'm not alone since most of my friends don't like doing that and always glare at me when I'm in the bookstores flipping to the last page. ;)

      We're so alike! I try not to spoil too much either, but I think sometimes, I should at least warn people and that requires spoilers. I'll work on those spoiler warnings too.

      Totally agreed about the internet spoilers everywhere. Some with great pictures too!

      Omg, he's such a spoiled little thing nowadays. Hehehe.