Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunny (2011)

A short break for fun movie.

Sunny (2011)

I saw this movie completely at random on a hot summer weekend while Old Man was downstairs on his computer nagging me to hurry up and go (we had appointment and didn't have lunch yet).  He was the one the turned the TV on earlier during the day, so neener neener.  Anyways, I got bored while cleaning up and looking for something cool to wear.  By cool, I mean weather cool, because it was so hot that day.  So I flipped through some channels and randomly landed on this show. Sunny.

What caught my eye was the clothes the teenagers were wearing...they looked so very old-style, but the film quality was very new.  I don't know why, but I stopped in my tracks and watched.  And watched.  And Old Man took pity on me and let me finish the movie instead of dragging me out to eat. Lol. 

Basic plot was through Im Na-mi, a 40-something wealthy housewife.  While at the hospital visiting her mother, she reunited with her high school friend/leader/idol Ha Chun-hwa and learned of Chun-hwa was dying of terminal cancer.  Na-mi then goes on a

It might sound crazy, but there is something supremely satisfying about watching 44 year old women giggling, dancing around, jumping on beds and talking about boys like teenagers. They act young because a part of them always will be young and should be that way.  It only took finding each other again to bring that back out. 

We all hear about the complaints about mid-life crisis or youthful dramas.  It was so refreshing to see the combination of the two came together.  These women were once young girls, with the problems that kids go through.  They also grew up and changed, either by outside forces or personal changes and must have the problems they have as middle-aged women.  Even through personal crisis, being together with good friends, they can still laugh and cry and work through anything. This story was really good at exemplifying what truly lasts: friendship.

An American equivalent would be The First Wives Club (tv series, not novel - novel was rather different)... sort of, but less about revenge of ex-spouses (although kind of slightly in there). It was more the idea of lasting friendship.  Life and family should not get in the way of true friendship.  Instead, these friendships foster a greater personal development.

What I felt was incredible about this was the scope. Instead of the usual 2 best friends or 4 girlfriends, the story has 7 girls. Yeah, 7.  There was a bit about childhood romances, but it was exactly that, childhood romance.  I loved how in the end, you also saw how even young rebel males change. Hahaha.  The focus was more about the 7 girls though.  Stories that centered around friendships, especially female friendship without a guy being the make-or-break rivalry was much more interesting. 

There were times I wanted to cry, but most times, I couldn't help but smile.  One part that was especially poignant for me was when there was when as adults, our protagonist was watching a video they had made as high-schoolers talking about their dreams and their future...the contrast to their realities really made me want to cry.  It was so sad.  ;_;

Overall, this was a great movie and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it every now and then. 

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