Friday, October 4, 2013

Heartbeat Love (再一次心跳)

Heartbeat Love (再一次心跳) 2012
Rainie Yang and Show Luo

Ah, nothing like a little traveling romance, mystery and angst all mixed together. I always liked Rainie ever since Meteor Garden from back in the day.

It's a short 45 minute movie with only our main leads, the story was simple enough and yet contained so much more.

We being with a flashback to a year ago with the random and accidental (maybe fated?) meeting between Lee Wei Chen and Yang Xiao Yu. Lee Wei Chen was supposed to go with friends, but he kind of got abandoned(since his friends all have family to take care of). His friends did have everything else arranged and encouraged him to go ahead and take the trip. At the same time, Yang Xiao Yu was going on this trip against the advise and requests of someone (hinted at family). After a mix up (probably intentional on Wei Chen's friend's part thinking the other person was of the same gender (they sent Xiao Yu a picture of Wei Chen in makeup), they decided to room together with Xiao Yu thinking he's gay (another mix up).

 The story was of the two of them, slowly falling in love as they travel around.  It's fun, simple and the location was very nicely filmed.  Really gets me in the traveling mood. :D  Although, I do know the Australia tour commission sponsored/invested in the film to showcase Australia more.

Ho ho, by the way, you can watch the whole thing online.

Here's the original without translations.

It's a nice happy romance for the most part. The mystery part wasn't that mysterious, but they do try to throw you for a loop.

Spoiler Alert.

A few things were slowly revealed to be part mystery and partially to drive the story.  Xiao Yu escaped from her family because she has a heart condition and will be going for surgery.  Before that happened, given that there's a risk she might not wake up from the surgery, Xiao Yu wanted to see the world a little, especially Tasmania.  The country had the shape (somewhat) of a heart and therefore more meaningful to Xiao Yu.

The mix up of sexual orientation was pretty early in the story so that was nice.

The whole story was a flashback when Xiao Yu's brother (whom she claimed was her fiancé) went to contact Wei Chen per Xiao Yu's request.  Trying to make us think she died. Hahaha, she didn't.  It's a nice happy and clean ending. 

Spoiler End.

I every much enjoyed it.  Short, simple and very sweet. 

I've always like these two singers/actors.  If you haven't heard the background stories and rumors, the skinny was they once hated each other.  It was due to a mutual friend that both had trusted basically manipulating the two saying the other person spoke ill of them.  Took them a long time (7 years?), but once they realized the situation (after a lot of misunderstanding), Rainie Yang and Show Luo have become really close friends.  They went on tour together and help each other a lot. 

It's nice to see. :)

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