Monday, October 7, 2013

So yeah...

My awesomeness of increased post only lasted for a month.  This foot injury has really been putting a damper on things.  I know, I know. Need to keep off of it should allow me plenty of time to write, but honestly, I can't even type correctly.  When I type, my body has to be at such an odd angle that everything ends up hurting after a while.  I'd go into details, but let's just say I tried several different situations and I might as well just stare at the wall or ceiling and hope everything heals fast.
As for my foot - prepare for grossness!  No really, just kind of creepy.
It has been three weeks and thank goodness it was not swelling that much.  The ankle still has some minor bump (swelling) and I keep off of it  as much as I can.  Gotta work though, so the progress has been slower than desired.
It still remained rather bruised up and very tender. At least they are mostly green, not purple like before.  I can't move it too much though or else the sharp stabbing pain comes back.
I also think all the stress of having to go into work helped reinjury it a little.  See that tiny little red spot?  Yeah, that's new.
Oh well, what can I do.  Life goes on, or it tries to.
I wanted to write another Lil Alys' mini adventure, but I'm too tired.  Sorry.  All that hobbling around. Hahaha.  And work.
Doctors say another few weeks on crutches, so I'm hoping to be back by November for Nanowrimo (maybe?). ;)
How's everyone doing?  Any fun plans for October?

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