Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Super Clyde - pilot

This of this as a mini TV movie.  Originally filmed as a pilot, it was a pity this wasn't picked up. I would've totally watched this.

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Super Clyde

SUPER CLYDE is a comedy starring Rupert Grint about a shy comic book fanatic who discovers his calling after he inherits millions of dollars from his eccentric uncle. Clyde, a mild mannered fast food worker, is bequeathed $100,000 per month for the rest of his life and with the help of his butler, Randolph (Stephen Fry), Clyde begins his thrilling new life as a Super Hero, secretly helping strangers in need.

It's short and sweet. I loved it.

While watching it, I kept thinking to myself "this could totally be like another Big Bang Theory," that's how much I liked it.

Too bad though. Thank goodness we were at least able to watch this single pilot. :)

My review/summary:

Aside from the awesome cast, because every single one was awesome (including a few mini cameos, plus diversity), the storyline was actually very sweet. I think it's something that should be on television more. It's full of comedy with a touch of love, but at the same time, a lot of depths and teachings underneath. That might be why it didn't get picked up. It was too nice overall.

Clyde was the youngest out of three siblings. All orphaned at an early age, Clyde, his older brother and older sister were taken in by their super rich and very odd Great Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill, although super rich in a huge mansion, drove a old beat up car, lost his wallet all the time and took weird photos of himself. In Clyde's words, "he [Uncle Bill] was an odd bird." These all come back later. ;)

Unexpectedly, Uncle Bill passed away and instead of inheriting his fortune as Clyde's brother and sister had hoped, they were only given the mansion to live in and a food allowance. As you can imagine, Clyde's brother and sister didn't end up doing much. Even Clyde didn't do much other than get a job at a fast food restaurant. Then 15 years after Uncle Bill passed away, their lawyer came back to tell them it was a trick. Uncle Bill wanted the three of them to take 15 years to have a chance to "be who they are meant to be" before giving them the money.

Clyde's brother went nuts and became the typical rich kid, throwing money away on any and everything.
Clyde's sister went to get liposuction and have started a list to take revenge on all the people that tortured and made fun of her growing up.
Clyde...well, he wasn't sure. It wasn't until Uncle Bill's old butler came back (at his brother's request of course) that Uncle Bill's eccentric actions were revealed.

Uncle Bill intentionally lost his wallet, always full of money. Whenever someone returned it with all the money, Uncle Bill would secretly find a way to pay them back. Buying lawn mowers, fixings things, etc.

Clyde felt that Uncle Bill was like a super hero...and decided to follow suit.

Again, how great was this story? Awesome. Using money for good, can you imagine? What a mind blowing idea on television...that money actually matters. It's also quite nice how the three siblings remained close (in their own way). People helping each other.
At the same time, it was about personal growth (Clyde finding himself and a purpose)... or even the lack of (Clyde's brother).

I've already watched it several times. Too bad it's not longer, or has more episodes. Even one season would be nice. *sigh* Oh well, we can always hope that because it's so popular, they might consider picking it back up. Although I doubt it since part of the reason would be the cast. They're probably too pricey in the long run, even though I think it'll be worth it. Enjoy chatting, seriously, go watch it now!

Rupert Grint - Clyde

Stephen Fry - Randolph (the butler)

Tyler Labine - Duke (older brother)

Justine Lupe - Faith (older sister)

Carla Jimenez - Adriana

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