Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sick 2.0

Sorry everyone, I got sick a second time. Yes, a second time...

Don't have much of a voice...

Still working and job hunting though and will probably be doing that for a while. 

Been preparing for Nanowrimo soon. :)

Stay warm and healthy everyone! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but real life is getting the better of me.

First the old rabbit at home got sick.
Then I got sick.

It's kind of dragging out.

Mostly has to do with the changing weather. It has been soooooooo hot. The humid kind of hot. Most places have the A.C. on high, which kind of shocks the body with this suddenly hot and cold.

Sleep has been hard to come by as well since I don't like running the AC all night, but within a few hours the humid heat engulfs you and you just wake up with a sheen of sweat. Several times a night. Not good.

Then, there was the increase of rejections I have been getting probably made me a little too sad and I let my immune system weaken. It's ok, I shall increase my water and snack food intake.

Sadly, this bout of heat and illness put a dent in my reviewing. I had been catching up on the most awesome asian internet novels Chinese audio books, tv shows and books, but have lacked the mental facilities to write them all out. There has been a show that has enraptured me was so interesting I am really considering episode summaries, but at 46 episodes, I am might be too lazy for. Lol. We shall see.

Hopefully, this cough will go away soon and that fall and winter bring plenty of good rain.

Maybe I will stop being such a lazy piggy be more motivated and just write soon. >_>

In the meantime, Everyone please take good care of your health!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

甜蜜殺機 Sweet Alibis (2014)

甜蜜殺機 Sweet Alibis (2014)

I finally saw it! Oh my gosh, I had been waiting for this movie for such a long time and I have to say, it did not disappoint at all.

Yes, cliches were all over the place, but I could care less as my laughter and sniffling from the movie overshadowed the problems.

The movie was very cute and fast moving. I actually had to watch it twice to catch some of the additional subtle parts and jokes (a lot of in-jokes that I surprisingly got, hahaha).

Alec Su played Wang Chih-Yi, a very talented detective that also exceedingly talented at avoiding any dangerous cases. He's a complete slacker even if he's a perfect marksman. It was revealed early on that Chih-Yi avoided danger because he has lost his whole family (parents, brother, sister-in-law) early on and has been raising his nephew. He has been paired with Gao Yi-Ping, played by Ariel Lin, a rookie that was overly enthusiastic to prove herself, for example, by constantly pulling out her gun in very single situation possible. An deliberately odd pairing thrown together because Yi-Ping was the daughter of the Police Chief and Dad wants to make sure his daughter will be safe. They also have a bet going on about Yi-Ping's ability to be a cop. So Dad was definitely cheating. Hehe.

Even as the two get thrown the easiest of easy cases, it all ended up being this interconnected web of murder that dealt with the local drug trade. For a hilarious comedy, the movie actually injected a lot of depths and background to the array of cast. Almost every character had some background as well as motives for their actions. You end up sympathizing with quite a lot of the characters. I can't really write anything about the whole storyline without giving the plot away given how everything was really connected and very well portrayed. Instead, I'll have the spoiler part after the trailer.

I would definitely recommend people to watch this.

Plus, is had Alec Su in it. Lol. Yes, I was a childhood fan. I also have enjoyed a lot Ariel Lin shows and the fact the movie had both of them was a no brainer for me. And the fact it's a comedy. I love comedies.

Okay, obvious spoiler time...

Are you sure you want spoilers?

Okay, okay, the more spoilerish review:

This was a very good story despite a few cliche moments and a lot of suspension of disbelief at how much coincidence had to be involved.

A drug deal gone wrong had a few people wounded. To keep Yi-Ping off the case, she and Chih-Yi were sent on a case of doggy death. It ended up being not as simple as they thought and linked back to the drug deal. From there, murders abound. Almost half the secondary characters died. For such a happy show, there were certainly a lot of deaths. At the same time, the writers/directors were amazingly good at making you care about the deaths. Almost in a way where you felt guilty for not caring about each murder when it happened. The filming was amazingly good. The colors and placement - well, maybe a little too much flashback, but it was a good technique to kind of show you what really happened.

At the end, I was not too surprised at how the story ended. It was still fun to watch though.

Almost every single character was connected by something or another, which also made the movie more fun to watch. No wasted moment. I liked how everyone had a drive and every character had their own motives and lives. Even the most standard paper cut-out character had something or another going on.

Chih-Yi was a very talented person, but at the loss of family, decided to always err on the safe side. He also desperately wants to get married and goes through a matchmaker. He might be a slacker, but at the same time, he was respected by his teammates. He's also the only one that knew how to work with Yi-Ping, to the amazement of his teammates. He had his ups and downs and when he found out about his nephew's involvement, Chih-Yi reacted pretty realistically.

Yi-Ping Gao was a very privileged young woman and she knew it, ergo, it made her try even harder to prove herself and her own abilities. At the same time, it made sense that she still needed to be rescued by both her Dad and Chih-Yi because the story did want to illustrate how she had glamorized the lifestyle. It definitely did not keep her down though. :) I liked how she was still the more dominant one in the relationship.

The drug dealer/movie star - this actor was hilarious at portraying both. One of the lighter moments in the show.

It was rather obvious from the start that the nephew was involved. Even though I still felt the nephew was an idiot, he was written/portrayed with understanding. His lack of family also made him easily manipulated by his teacher/father figure.

The teacher had a minor channeling of Walter White. Lol, very minor though. Again, the writers were great in showing how he went into drug making to get money for cancer treatment for his wife. Even though he ended up causing almost all the deaths in the movie (including the poor doggy), his death was incredibly sad when you saw how much he and his wife loved each other.

Chih-Yi's matchmaker I mentioned earlier? Well, the matchmaker ended up being the more...er...dark side of life, running a drug ring. The guy is hilarious, but also deeply loving at the same time. The fact he was moved by the teacher's plight was a good example of how there was more depth to him than we were initially led to believe. His death was at first hilarious, then went rather sad when you realized how much he and his sidekick loved each other.

I would not say there was an incredible amount of character growth, but just enough to make it realistic and fun. The story/movie actually stayed very grounded. The plot was interesting with a bunch of twists, subtle hints everywhere. It was equally ridiculously funny at times, even at the end. Again, all the coincidences actually made it fun to watch and follow.

The romance was cute and subtle enough without it overtaking the entire plot. At the same time, it was believable enough that I could see sequels...or a tv series. Hey! That's a great idea! I would totally watch a TV show with Alec Su and Ariel Lin as partners solving crimes. Someone get on it!

If I did have a complaint, it would still be the lack of female characters. Even though there were quite a few and they all had their own personalities, most were still plot devices and background characters.

I will definitely be looking for a copy of this for keeps and for enjoyment in the future.

If you have an hour or two, go look it up and enjoy. Also, Alec Su. ;) Ok ok, done joking. Sort of. :P

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Updates of Ms. Alys

Hey hey dear readers, my apologies for a lack of posts the past few months. Real life has not been too pleasant and a few key events had taken up most of my free time. Partially due to be exhaustion, my thinking processes had been fried. I guess the correct term is burnt out.

Still, I had been thinking about my tiny little blogging world and now that I finally forcibly took some time off from work, I figured, write now or I am going to forget all over again.

(Rusty napping during the summer)
To catch up:

1) I am currently trying to make a career move after some very foul and sour events had occurred at my current place of work. I accept full responsibility for losing my cool and broke through my professional demeanor twice in my entire career. For that, I really do feel bad. Yet, that does not chance the absolutely pitiful situation at my work. I am not sorry I told them what was wrong, because they are in the wrong. Think something similar to The Office, British version and with bosses with no sincerity and compassion, loyalty or leadership skills. When I say it has been bad, I really mean it. This place has now gone on par with one job that, to this day, I hate and refuse to buy anything from.

Thus, job change.

(Me getting pretty)

2) So, while I have been interviewing, I came across a every "interesting" situation. A recent place I interviewed at was transparently obvious in that they did not want me and spent most of the time lecturing me about having a real career choice. At least the individual was honest about the job and the fact said person did not like the fact I changed jobs 3x in the last 6 years. In my defense, that first job was low end entry level thus a year there was the best we could I make out of the situation. I needed experience, but gone are the days where people stay at jobs for 10-20 years. Really.

As much as I would like to have a job where I start and retire from, the companies these days do not even attempt to keep their employees. I really don't want to go into a whole social-political-economical debate here. There's no point. We all have our ideas and the chances of people changing their minds is next to nil.

I used to try really hard to see things from other people's perspectives because I was taught that way. We all have good points and if we disagree, it helps to hear the other side. The problem was that this courtesy has never, maybe one person or two, been reciprocated. Not they need to agree with me, but I am tired of always being seen as the problem because I don't agree with them. Life sucks. Deal with it.
 (Exhaustion after weird interviews)

Back to the interview. So, out of all the interviews, why this one stuck out in my mind was this. I received the most bizarre comment that the interviewer was not being worried I would take their job. I mean, what?! Why would I take your job? We don't even do the same things. Plus, that right away should be a sign I wasn't going to get hired. Luckily, I didn't really want that job after hearing how it's high workload, no room for rising up, and nothing new for me to work on. Just repetition.

Either way, I am thankful for the experience interviewing again and for the partial honesty. I just wished it had been any other day than that day. Since it took three hours out of my time.

I had a bunch of other stuff to do...

Which was the day before the Book Smuggler publishing submissions!!!! GAHHH!

3) Yes, you heard right. I submitted my short story to The Book Smugglers. Honestly, I am being absolutely honest and not fishing for any compliments at all, but I know I won't get published by them for this story. I don't need anyone saying "oh, you'll never know" or "wait until you hear back." No, thank you dear. I already know it will not be accepted. I know because I had not written a full length story in at least 5 years. I barely wrote at all. My skills, even as I was editing, revealed itself have completely deteriorated and morphed into this juvenile and weak scrawl. I almost quit. I think I even stopped writing for a few weeks/days and didn't even want to look at it anymore.

BUT. I didn't. I still went back to it and I wrote. Instead, I gave myself a new goal: to finish my short story, then submit it to The Book Smugglers. And I succeeded both. :) To me, that's all that mattered. I succeeded!

So I made another decision/goal. Once I get the confirmation that the story has not been accepted, I possibly post it here. If not the whole thing (it is 24+ pages), I want to at least over of the process of writing this and the summaries and stories. :)

In the meantime, I have at least been able to catch up on a little more reading. I just would need some more time to write it out. Hopefully, I can get to writing the new reviews for the movies and books soon. The TV series will have to take longer. Much longer. TV show reviews are surprisingly hard to me to write. -_-

So stay tuned!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fun Friday Song

It's Felicia Day, what can I say. Awesome!

Nothing like a little fun geeky music to bring in the weekend. :) I do love adore Felicia Day. Hmmm, I guess I can do mini reviews of her Guild series. It's such fun to watch even though I don't game as much. :)

Happy Friday!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tiny Times/Tiny times 2.0

I really don't know how to write this post.  I watched both movies quite some time ago and the words just are not coming out... so it will be super short, with no pictures.

As much as I endured liked parts these two movies, I felt there were too many cliches and plot holes. I also couldn't stop comparing it to another movie about the strength of friendships and life.  Whereas the friendships of this one felt much weaker, they ended up focusing on romantic love - worse yet, all the drama was done in such cliche ways, the movies just turned out weaker in every single way possible.

I know the third movie will be coming out this year and I doubt I will watch it. Not interested at all.

Tiny Times

The first movie was more enjoyable between the two. It was nice to see a story about these four young women, going through the good and bad. At the same time, everything was rather cliché-y in every sense of the word. The sporty one, the graceful, the artsy and the protagonist - the sort of underdog. In the end, it was just a simple movie about friends.

Tiny Times 2.0

Ok, this was where I encountered some problems. I doubt I can review objectively since there was not much about this movie that I enjoyed. Our four friends were pretty narrowed down to three, while the problems thrown in their paths (as well as resolutions) felt absurd. It was as if they were trying to make the movie was dark and dramatic...and it failed. I was bored and felt like fast-forwarding the whole time. There was almost no real theme. That's not true. They tried to inject themes and everything was just weak.

Overall, this was just an overly simplified and glamorized stories using these friends to channel out to the audience.  I was bored at certain times, and other times, I simply got too distracted by the plot holes and story errors to pay attention.  The actresses are wonderful though, so they are definitely worth watching.  It's still not enough to cover the consistently weak storylines.  A very big pity since they did have an amazing cast and there were some good potential for a solid story speckled throughout the movies like flaked off skin cells in the vast openness of nine-feet pool. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TBR pile exists!

Lookie! I have a TBR pile. I really do have books waiting for me, I've just been a little busy.

Doesn't it look small? Have no fear, it is actually only one of my many piles. Hahaha. I have quite a few.

I actually have been able to finish a few books, but I just haven't had the time to write out the reviews.  Been doing to self-re

There were a few really awesome books. :D A few meh, but either way, I want to get some reviews out. Hopefully soon. :)

Monday, April 28, 2014


Happy spring my friends!

My apologies for the recent lack of reviews. That may continue for some time, so please hang in there with me while I sort some things out. Mostly my mind. Lol. The quantity of my intake for books, movies, and tv series has gone down dramatically lately. Instead, I have focused my few minutes of spare time between collapse and exhaustion doing some random activities.

If you follow me on either Twitter or Facebook you would have seen the photos already: food! It's all about food these days. Lol. With a dab of gardening. It is spring and it only felt right that I prepared for the horrific torture of allergies fun spring events.

Recently, I finally started canning even while still fearful of poisoning myself, however accidentally, from not fully sanitizing or cooking the food and glass. As such, I was able to make quite a few things.

I had a can or two of pumpkin puree left from end of winter so I made some pumpkin spice butter and paste. Hehehe. The difference between the two is that pumpkin butter has the heart attack inducing delicious butter.

With the strawberry jam and pumpkin butter, I tried my hand at mini pies. They turned out ok if I do say so myself.

I hope everyone has been having a fun spring - even with the changing weathers. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So I admit to being a lazy dog these days. I have been reading this same book for a few months now. It's an awesome called...

I love this collection of short stories. I hope to be able to review this soon. :)

In other news, the drama and wuxia shows has been a bit slow. There's supposed to be an explosion of internet-novels adaptions coming up soon, so I have some hope for upcoming reviews. :)

A few books waiting in cue, but that'll come later when time opens up.

How are you doing these days? Anything fun?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A fun little visit :)

Look who came to visit!

It's Rustybaby!

He is so adorable as always.

He swaggered around the neighborhood.

Cruised around the cities.

And more than anything, looked so sweet while waiting for treats.
Bringing joy and fun to everyone around.

Rustybaby hopes you had a wonderful weekend much like he did (since everyone kept sneaking him chicken cooked specially for him while his parents weren't lookimg). And if your weekend was not as relaxing, He doesn't want you to worry.  Next weekend is just around the corner. ;)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New years follow up

Before I forget, may this year bring you much fortunes and may your health be swell!

Some red envelopes for all of you and some homemade tang yuan. :)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!

I, uh, totally meant to have this post out at the beginning of the month, but since it got delayed, let's just pretend it was planned for the Chinese New Year.

Happy year of the Horse! To recap, or at least minor catch up...

Last year ended on a pretty mundane note. It had some highs and lows with a lot of stress and then the sudden quiet mundane that was rather welcomed.

I got lots of chocolate because my dear friends remembered the easiest obsession gift option. Hehehe.

Look at all those delicious chocolate.
Part of that was also for my birthday. It was s nice quiet birthday for the most part. I was able to meet up with a bunch of friends prior to the day and that was wonderfully endearing. 

So as a way to get back into the right mindset for this year of the horse, I started back on the hobbies I enjoyed. Even though I don't have the finances for it, I still have enough to get back started. Making skincare, planting a garden, cooking and start writing.  Not to mention reading. Hehehe.

So what is up with you for this new year?