Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So I admit to being a lazy dog these days. I have been reading this same book for a few months now. It's an awesome called...

I love this collection of short stories. I hope to be able to review this soon. :)

In other news, the drama and wuxia shows has been a bit slow. There's supposed to be an explosion of internet-novels adaptions coming up soon, so I have some hope for upcoming reviews. :)

A few books waiting in cue, but that'll come later when time opens up.

How are you doing these days? Anything fun?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A fun little visit :)

Look who came to visit!

It's Rustybaby!

He is so adorable as always.

He swaggered around the neighborhood.

Cruised around the cities.

And more than anything, looked so sweet while waiting for treats.
Bringing joy and fun to everyone around.

Rustybaby hopes you had a wonderful weekend much like he did (since everyone kept sneaking him chicken cooked specially for him while his parents weren't lookimg). And if your weekend was not as relaxing, He doesn't want you to worry.  Next weekend is just around the corner. ;)