Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tiny Times/Tiny times 2.0

I really don't know how to write this post.  I watched both movies quite some time ago and the words just are not coming out... so it will be super short, with no pictures.

As much as I endured liked parts these two movies, I felt there were too many cliches and plot holes. I also couldn't stop comparing it to another movie about the strength of friendships and life.  Whereas the friendships of this one felt much weaker, they ended up focusing on romantic love - worse yet, all the drama was done in such cliche ways, the movies just turned out weaker in every single way possible.

I know the third movie will be coming out this year and I doubt I will watch it. Not interested at all.

Tiny Times

The first movie was more enjoyable between the two. It was nice to see a story about these four young women, going through the good and bad. At the same time, everything was rather cliché-y in every sense of the word. The sporty one, the graceful, the artsy and the protagonist - the sort of underdog. In the end, it was just a simple movie about friends.

Tiny Times 2.0

Ok, this was where I encountered some problems. I doubt I can review objectively since there was not much about this movie that I enjoyed. Our four friends were pretty narrowed down to three, while the problems thrown in their paths (as well as resolutions) felt absurd. It was as if they were trying to make the movie was dark and dramatic...and it failed. I was bored and felt like fast-forwarding the whole time. There was almost no real theme. That's not true. They tried to inject themes and everything was just weak.

Overall, this was just an overly simplified and glamorized stories using these friends to channel out to the audience.  I was bored at certain times, and other times, I simply got too distracted by the plot holes and story errors to pay attention.  The actresses are wonderful though, so they are definitely worth watching.  It's still not enough to cover the consistently weak storylines.  A very big pity since they did have an amazing cast and there were some good potential for a solid story speckled throughout the movies like flaked off skin cells in the vast openness of nine-feet pool. 

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