Thursday, September 18, 2014


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but real life is getting the better of me.

First the old rabbit at home got sick.
Then I got sick.

It's kind of dragging out.

Mostly has to do with the changing weather. It has been soooooooo hot. The humid kind of hot. Most places have the A.C. on high, which kind of shocks the body with this suddenly hot and cold.

Sleep has been hard to come by as well since I don't like running the AC all night, but within a few hours the humid heat engulfs you and you just wake up with a sheen of sweat. Several times a night. Not good.

Then, there was the increase of rejections I have been getting probably made me a little too sad and I let my immune system weaken. It's ok, I shall increase my water and snack food intake.

Sadly, this bout of heat and illness put a dent in my reviewing. I had been catching up on the most awesome asian internet novels Chinese audio books, tv shows and books, but have lacked the mental facilities to write them all out. There has been a show that has enraptured me was so interesting I am really considering episode summaries, but at 46 episodes, I am might be too lazy for. Lol. We shall see.

Hopefully, this cough will go away soon and that fall and winter bring plenty of good rain.

Maybe I will stop being such a lazy piggy be more motivated and just write soon. >_>

In the meantime, Everyone please take good care of your health!!!

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